Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mentoring young girls...

So I know this isn't "weight loss" related, but it's "Augustina related", so chill. haha..  Anywho, I'm apart of the United Way - Women's Initiative in Central Mass and was presented the opportunity to volunteer inner city girls (7th grade) about their finances.  While in college I had done my fair share of volunteering, but found my most enjoyable experiences in mentoring and helping out youth.  I'm not sexist, but I naturally connect more with young girls... duh, I was one.  I also participated in Junior Achievement while in college and found teaching about finances, economics, business sense and the like to be quite enjoyable.  Needless to say, this opportunity was right up my alley.

The point I'm getting at is that I had an excellent time, but giving back in a way that I completely enjoyed.  There's plenty of ways to volunteer, first off, but finding opportunities that call to you are also very important. You'll be more inclined to volunteer more often, obvz.  In fact, I can't wait to begin volunteering with Girl's Inc. Worcester next week and am now looking to mentor full time with the YWCA via Big Brothers Big Sisters.  I want to get ahold of them inner city girls... most definitely, the at-risk ones.  I had plenty of opportunity to be "at-risk", but I thank my momma/familia and my teachers/mentors in my youth that brought me beyond that point.

I'm in no way trying to brag, I'm just so fired up and happy!  Giving back really fills this empty part of me... why it's empty, who knows?... Either way, I loved it!  And the point I'm really trying to make is... well... VOLUNTEER.  We ALL have time in our busy schedules to get out there and help one another, at least once a month... c'mon!  It's the best possible gift you could ever give... the gift of your time.

Well hopefully someone will read this and seek out opportunities.  In this short life we live... it's about the legacy we leave - a legacy or love, compassion, will, determination and selflessness.

Now DO IT! :)

P.S. Super pumped about my family coming in tomorrow!... gotta hit the gym ta-noight!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Generally a fairly good weekend..

I say this because I'm starting to learn how to incorporate "real world" foods without binging.  That's been the biggest battle for me.  Everytime I eat something outside of Nutrisystem I binge.  This weekend I ate a sandwich and didn't have to added another sandwich plus chips and a soda.  I was okay with just the sandwich.  Small steps, right?

What I most excited for? Obviously, my family coming to visit... but moreover, the fact that spring is right around the corner!  This meansssss... great weather and more motivation.  I need the sun in my life, flat out, so I'm hoping the change in weather works in my favor... pretty sure it will!  Point being, I will need to lose the biggest portion of my weight between the spring and the end of 2011.  The weather isn't unbearable (usually) during that time frame, so I won't be inclined to hibernate like a bear.

Soooo... I was like... "Ohhh, I gots time to look good before my friend's wedding." Sayyy whattT?! That madness is at the end of May... we're already a week into March.  I ain't got THATTT much time.  I gotsta get to stepping!

I am going to make sure my family MAKES sure I workout while they are here.  I'm gonna have them keep me in CHECK.  I'm telling my bro tonight... he better not be tempting me with IHOP either or I'll kick his teef in!... sheeeeshus.

Sooo goal until Friday:  1) Workout everyday, 2) Stick to NS... no darn cheating!... can someone share some motivational tips & tricks??  I mean c'monnnn...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the wagon again

Damn you, Subway! I loveee you too much. :((
So I've been pretty good this week, sticking to my Nutrisystem meals, which makes me feel good about myself.  I had a little mishap with some oreo cookies tonight, but I will be in the gym in the am and eating well tomorrow.  Today I had to buy some Neosporin after work and naturally wanted to go to Wally World, since it's the cheapest. INSTEAD, I went to Walgreen's and paid extra so I would avoid the temptation of my beloved Subway on the way out of the store. haha... the nonsense I go through, I tell ya.

Anywho, my weight is going back down, thank GOD and I intend on moving in this same direction.  The week has definitely been busy and crazy all at the same time, so my battle hasn't been as bad, I haven't had too much time to snack... lol.

On another note, my fam comes in next week and I'm praying I don't head off the wagon.  I must stay strong!! I need some supporters out scanning the Subways and Chipotles of Worcester to make sure I'm not giving them business! haha... or a friendly text would be nice!

Alrighty... who else is glad it's going to be Friday?  Thank ya, Jesus!!