Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the wagon again

Damn you, Subway! I loveee you too much. :((
So I've been pretty good this week, sticking to my Nutrisystem meals, which makes me feel good about myself.  I had a little mishap with some oreo cookies tonight, but I will be in the gym in the am and eating well tomorrow.  Today I had to buy some Neosporin after work and naturally wanted to go to Wally World, since it's the cheapest. INSTEAD, I went to Walgreen's and paid extra so I would avoid the temptation of my beloved Subway on the way out of the store. haha... the nonsense I go through, I tell ya.

Anywho, my weight is going back down, thank GOD and I intend on moving in this same direction.  The week has definitely been busy and crazy all at the same time, so my battle hasn't been as bad, I haven't had too much time to snack... lol.

On another note, my fam comes in next week and I'm praying I don't head off the wagon.  I must stay strong!! I need some supporters out scanning the Subways and Chipotles of Worcester to make sure I'm not giving them business! haha... or a friendly text would be nice!

Alrighty... who else is glad it's going to be Friday?  Thank ya, Jesus!!