Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This site has moved to...

I will use this site to direct traffic to my site's new permanent home (address).
Thank you so much for reading! :)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am taking an insurance exam on Thursday, right before my big trip to the Caribbean and I've been studying like mad.  Dear, God, I hope I pass...

Either way, that's my reason for not posting.  Not a good excuse, but that's what's been up.  I will hopefully post about a very interesting occurance this past weekend either tonight or tomorrow night as my 'study break' hahaaaa

Thanks for staying tuned.

Much love, y'all. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Food Journal

Day 1:

Breakfast @ 9:30am
1 cup of Cap’n Crunch cereal
1 cup of 1% milk
1 banana

Feelings: Hungryyyy cuz it was the morning and I’m generally famished

Lunch @ 11:50am :-/
Smart Ones: Shrimp Marinara
½ c of cottage cheese
Pringles Baked Wheat Stix (honey butter flavor)
Fiber Plus 90 calorie brownie

Feelings: I am legit HUNGRAYYY! I didn’t have my morning coffee, which suppresses my appetite.  Oyyy

Afternoon snack @ 2:45
Trader Joe’s Fiberful dried fruit bar
Fiber One 80 cal honey squares (10g of fibaaaa)

Feelings: I had actual hunger pains while in my 1-3pm meeting… thankfully it let out early b/c I raided my lunchbox after.

Dinner @ 7pm
Carnitas burrito bowl from Chipotle w/ guac

Feelings: Super hungry!

Dessert @ 8pm
Trader Joe's mini cone (70 cals)... 2 of 'em :-/

Feelings: not really hungry... but wanted something 'sweet'

Establishing Some Healthy Habits: Day One
Follow through... I did my food journal finally and will continue.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Double Time!

So I’m not going to lie, the journaling for yesterday went South when I forgot to journal the emotions piece of it, so I stopped.  I am starting anew today!  Not to mention, I felt superrr guilty after the Davidian Farm’s apple cider donut extravaganza went down. Oy!  No more, no moreeee… ! I feel like I indulge in stuff like that because it’s seasonal.  Let’s be honest, I need to stop indulging like it’s the last time I’ll ever eat ‘that’ certain food again.  It’s just not okay.  But FALL is DEFinitely my all-time fav!

I am proud of my commitment to my exercise yesterday though.  I am still a member at my work gym until the end of October and will be renewing my membership at the Y at the end of October.  Anywho, I decided to go to the Zumba Tone class from 5:15-6pm.  Now this instructor is awesome, she is super high energy and friendl!  Here’s the thing: Zumba Tone incorporates weights throughout the duration class and Elizabeth is just reallll hyper.  It goes without saying; I was beat by the end of her class.  I was conflicted as to whether or not I should go to the 6:30-7:30 class at the Y.  I ended up talking myself into it because I imagined I was pushing myself like they do on the Biggest Loser.  I told myself that if they could do 8 hr workouts a day, that I could do this!

I walked into the class and started the warmup fine, but this instructor was even higher energy than Elizabeth.  I wanted to cry! Lol  I can’t even tell you how many times I wanted to grab my waterbottle and keys and head out.  It was the most pain I’ve been in a long timeee.  I was downright exhausted after the class and definitely was not as ‘good’ in the songs as I was in Elizabeth’s class.  I could tell I was slowing down.

Long story short, I did 1 hr and 45 mins of Zumbz yesterday and while it was painful… I can’t wait for Thursday! I’m such a Zumba Prophet, it’ll only be a matter of time until I work up the nerve to get my arse certified. J  But that’s a story  for another time…

Establishing Some Healthy Habits: Day One
Push yourself that extra mile.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to journaling

I have noticed that I am better at eating when I have to journal everything.  I mean everythingggg... even a damn m&m.  But this time, instead of just journaling my food choices, I'm going to journal my mood and emotions around the times I'm eating.  I will be writing all of this on a word doc and then uploading onto this site for public viewing.  I will commence the journaling tomorrow.  This is all in alliance with my friend Sarah's challenge: 21 days to establish some habits.  Her's reads 're-establish' and mine is straight out 'establish'.  I don't think I've stuck to something for 21 days since I first started losing weight in 2010... :-/.  Just bein' honest w/ myself, I guess...

I'm heading to Barbados for 5 days and this is DEF going to be a challenge, but I'm going to do my best at journaling my food.  Oyyy... vamos a ver..

I log my food on dailyplate (livestrong.com) and myfitnesspal.  I need to choose one!... ack

Ohh and I need to be more diligent about tracking my workout on fitocracy.com.  Baby steps.... let's just start the journaling first lol.  I suppose perhaps that can be step 2?

Site maintenance, updates & issues

I'm in the process of moving this site to WordPress, but there are current issues that are being sorted out with WP that are delaying the process/move.  I want this site to be more interactive where people can ask questions, going on their random rants, have input on the layout/design/topics/etc.  As of recent, a few individuals mentioned that they were having issues posting comments.  If you try to post a comment and are receiving an error, please email me at augustinamills@gmail.com!  I love hearing y'alls feedback and such and if the comment feat isn't working... then, well that's just counterproductive to what I'm trying to do here.

If you have any comments/suggestions/whatever, feel free to drop me a line at the email above.  I welcome and all feedback you have, I promise not to be offended. In fact, I'm grateful... I tots swear! :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

This weekend was all over the place...

It started off with a nice dinner out with my friend Yetti.  We spoke of love, life, weight loss, struggles, nonsense, etc. etc.  It was great sooo great seeing her, I always enjoy catching up.  It's nice, but not really 'nice' to know that I'm not the only person who has the crazy thoughts I have.  Love this girl.

Then I went to have a healthy, wholesome and delish bfast w/ Sarah.  It was a grand time.  She's such an inspiration and great influence to me.  I love spending time with her and also need to do that more often.  Looks like I gots some thangz to add to my 'to do' list. :)

Then on Saturday I went to my friend Alison Leflore's wedding.  There's a side story there, but I won't discuss here.  It was a rather emotional event for me for many reasons.  I've known this girl since freshman year and we'd been close ever since. It was just wonderful seeing that she found the love of her life.  I am so very happy for her and Kenny, her husband.  I was glad I was able to share that beautiful moment w/ the 2 of them.

So after the wedding I was feeling a little down and out b/c let's be honest, it'll be a long time until I get married, which I'm okay with.  It's the fact that I don't have anyone, I guess.  I know, I know... And the thing is, I'm going to be 25 in December and I still have no one to share fun weddings and stuff with.  I suppose it just makes me sad and wonder when my time will be.

So as I was in my self-loathing moment I decided to sign up for a free dating site... again.  Ridic, I know.  I'm not sure that's what I 'need' right now, but I want to start looking again.  But more importantly, last night I attempted to find and contact my ex-stepfather.  I haven't seen or spoken to him since I was 9 years old!  That's a WHOLE story in itself.  So as I'm googling him, I decided to go to LinkedIn to see if he was there.  I added someone whom I thought could be him, but was sure it wasn't.  Well today at 1:40pm I get a text saying "Hi Tina, looking for me? Me who? My name starts with an E"  I thought it was a bot who had responded to my request to find an Eddie on one of those classmates, genealogy, friend finder sites.  I thought, what the heck? and called the number that had texted me.  Wellllll... lo' and behold... it was Eddie! OMG! was my first instinct and it was super emotional. I started tearing up and omg it was just soooo many emotions all at once.  I ended up speaking to him today for about 4 hours... it was crazy and oh-so-magical! I asked if I could email him and he said yes and that he'd also like to have coffee sometime next time I was in AZ.  He even said he'd be cool flying to Mass to come visit me!! ... I was beyond overjoyed. :)  That was just a monumental moment in my life... and I'll never forget it as long as I live.

Then I skyped my bff Lauren to talk about our upcoming trip to Barbados and figure out logisitics.  We ended up talking about 'boys'... typical.  And then it finally hit me... I need to do something rather soon.  Everyone has been telling me, but it's finally hit me.  It IS time to make some adjustments and 'cuts' in my life.  I've spent my entire 24th year being conflicted about a certain someone and it is EFFING timeee... more updates to come.  It's going to be hard to 'cut', but I need to start living my life again and in many ways I have been holding out and putting my life on hold and consuming my thoughts in regards to a certain individual.

And food relates to this because if I'm happy, I eat and if I'm sad... I eat more.  Ohhh and at the wedding, I ate a ton.  Not good.  I'm still not at that stage where eating well is a natural instinct.  If I'm in day-to-day stuff, yes I'll eat well.  If it's a celebration like I wedding, I divulge b/c it's a celebration and such.  Not okay... tomorrow... back to the grind.

I'm just tired of messing up and restarting... it's ugh.

oHHH... and a special shoutout to my friend, Kate B... who looks fabulous! She's now in single digits in a size she's NEVER been before.  You go, girl! So proud of you!

Phew! That was one crazy@$$ post... hope you didn't get too lost! haha

Friday, October 7, 2011

Introducing: Song of the Week

I am all about musica.  I have been for the longest time.  I play trumpet & piano, fun fact and have been doing so for many years now.  Many people don't know, but I have been out of practice from the trumpet for about a year or so because I live in an apt bldg and I'm sure my neighbors wouldn't appreciate my playing. heh.  Ohh! And I also sing, every now and then ;)  If you're ever up to go karaoking, I'm down. Lemme know! lol

All this being said, I have to have my jammity jamz going while I'm working it out... it's a MUST.  I have I plethoraaaa of music and yet I still always find myself 'running out of music' or overplaying the same workout songs over and over.  So I've decided to start actively searching & sharing my new musical finds with y'all by posting a new workout each week.  Perhaps you might share a good song you've been listening to lately?

This week's song:

"You've Changed" - Sia

It reminds of a runway music and I <3 it.


Mmmm love this on the elliptical.. :-D

Share your fav workout song in a comment!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Makeup & Ramen Noodz

So I didn't got to the gym today and instead went over to my friend's place to do makeup and a photoshoot of 3 of my co-workers for an upcoming endeavor. Stay tuned! And yes,  I know I should've gone, but this was a necessary step in moving forward towards my career goals. (I know , no 'buts' allowed... heh.)  I will kill it tomorrow during Zumba, no worries!

So on my way back home from the shoot, I was very tempted to 'pick something up' for dinner and fought for the longestttt time! I'm a self-proclaimed fast food junkie, I'll say it time and time again. :-/  After thattt fight, I found myself back at my apt watching Anderson Cooper 360 and the late breaking news about Steve Jobs' death.  I thought I'd share my very favorite Steve Job speech of all time.  It's absolutely wonderful!  Find it here.

Sooo... my hunger was getting the best of me and all I really had to eat was Ramen Noodles.  So that's what I made.  I haven't had Ramen since I was on the mushy solids diet after my gallbladder surgery.  So I used less of the flavoring mix so the soup wasn't sooo high in sodium and then added my crushed red peppers to spice it up, as alwayssss! :-D  Now that meal was 380 calories, high in carbs, and low in nutrients, but it was the better of the choices I was going to make (ie: eating out).  That being said, I'm trying to focus on my 'win' for the night.

To end this night, I just want to pause for a moment and remember Mr. Steve Jobs as I type this on my MacBook.  He was truly ingenious in his ability as an innovator and a business man.  RIP Mr. Jobs.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whuddup with that rank stench at the gym?!

Hahahaa so the past few days at the gym have been... interesante.  Yesterday I began working out on the elliptical machine and I started noticing an awful smell.  I began thinking it was the guy to my right, but soon he got off the machine and I kept smelling it.  Then I thought it was me... nope.  It was the guy huffing and puffing next to me.  It was his breath.  Honestly, I was in 'the zone', but the smell got me RIGHT OUT.  I had to switch machines and because there were not other ellipticals around, I decided to try anther machine.

This machine was a hybrid of an elliptical and a stairmaster.  All I have to say is that I still don't know how to properly use that machine, nor does anyone else I asked.  The up and down motions got me motion sick.  I have a very sensitive inner-ear equilibrium and my ear was having NONE of it!  I ended up leaving the gym after only 35 mins or so of working out. :-/

So fast forward to my zumba class today.  Now this class gets us sweating and I love thattt.  The room of around 20-25 women were all working up a sweat and whatnot.  And then all of a sudden out a nowhere this nasty smell arises.  Someone clearly farted.  I mean, I get it, we're jumping, squatting, lunging, twirling, salsa-ing, etc-ing.  But then the stench came again and again.  I'm pretty sure it was the girl next to me.  And as sad as this may sound, I was comforted to know that my nose was not the only one being ambushed.  A few other women gave a funny/polite but disgusted look.  At least I knew it wasn't just me! hahaa

I just had to blog about this, because of all things I'd have to get harassed by dirty smells 2 days in a row. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

PMSing & Confidence Issue No. 71598

I’m going to blog about this, but I’m doing this because this is my venting outlet as well as a judgment-free zone.  So at work I was asked to do a photo shoot for my company’s United Way campaign this year in early August.  First off, I was really excited because I have never done a photo shoot before and was super surprised because they asked ME.  Like why would someone ask me to do a photo shoot? There are tons of pretty and skinny people at work, but they asked ME.  So I was feelin real happy about that and myself! I even emailed the person who sent the Outlook invite out to my calendar to double-check that I was supposed to receive the invite.  How pathetic, right?  How sad is that…
So I went to the photo-shoot, had my makeup did and the photos turned out ‘alright’, but naturally I’m my own worst critic.  I obvz had my makeup and hair did and the photographer even complimented me.  Enough said.
So the United Way general volunteer team meeting is held today and the marketing materials are out for everyone to see.  So I’m looking around and my photo from the shoot is nowhere to be found.  So I initially was saddened, but thought that I might be in some of the campaign’s handout materials.  Well this year I volunteered to be on the Events committee for the campaign, but was also assigned as a Team Leader… which I hadn’t initially signed up for, but accepted the responsibility and thought it was a nice way to continue to give back.  So when I went to pick up my team leader bag and saw the materials that will be handed out to the employees, I was also not on the handouts.  That being said, my photos must have been nixed from the pool of marketing materials.
Now listen, I know there are starving and impoverished children in the world and wars going on throughout the world… stuff way more important than my pity party. I just can’t help but feel sad/depressed/ugly/fat after having my self-confidence slapped in the face.  Everyone that was invited to the campaign shoot had their photo in the marketing materials and for some reason, I was left out.  My own psychological deduction that I can make is that it’s because I’m Fat & Ugly.  I know I’m being ridiculous (at least I’m admitting it), but that’s the only conclusion I have arrived at.  I keep telling myself, maybe your photos accidentally got deleted or maybe they just missed you on accident or the files were corrupted. No, no, NO… it’s because no one wants a BIG person to be the face of a campaign, which is PRECISELY why I was initially shocked when I was asked to partake in the photo-shoot in the first place.  Maybe it really was an accident and then they realized after the photos were taken that they didn't intend to invite me. 
Just to end my self-conscious/PMSing/crazy thoughts battle, I think I’m more upset with myself than anything else.  Aside from the fact the seemingly trivial fact that my photos weren't considered, this ‘event’ just reaffirms so many bad thought and feelings I have about myself.  Let's chalk this up to YET another reason Why I want to lose weight! This whole sitations, for a lack of better words, was ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’.  Make sense?
I won’t apologize for having this rant, but I do ask that you don’t judge (hahaa) and that you try to look at it from my crazy@$$ girl perspective.
Phew!... I feel a little better, but not really.. heh.

September SELF issue was SOLID

I'll admit I did my share of eating out this past weekend...:-/ and could've made healthier choices.  My friend's bachelorette party was in Boston and with that came drinking and other bad choices. heh.

I read some 'therapeutic' articles on September's issue of Self.  And of course, one of my ultimate favzzzz, Jennifer Hudson happened to be on the cover talking about her weight loss experience.  She too was happy at her size, a 16.  She mentioned that people treat her so differently now that's she's lost weight, "You never know you're never being discriminated against until you see what you've been deprived of."  - That right there speaks VOLUMES about our society.  And let's just tack that onto one of the other reason's Why I want to lose weight.  At either size she looks amazing, but now she says she 'feels' it and that' what really counts! So proud of another bigger girl who has the kind of confidence she had pre-weightloss.  Damnn..

And the other article I read wasn't weight loss related, but definitely Augustina-related.  It's titled: "It's not all about you!", you can read it here.  I find myself in those types of sitations where I'm so concerned about what other's think or why the girl that passed me down the hallway completely ignored me or why my manager seems to be so RUDE to 'just me' as of recent.  It helps put certain things into perspective in terms of controlling our emotions in situations we often are taking unnecessarily personal.   I personally, am trying to build a thicker skin in hopes that I can stop worrying about everyone's little actions and turning them into bigger issues than they are.  I can honestly get sooo bogged down and obsessed over something so small, that it prevent me from being my best Self.  I'll definitely be taking this article out of the mag and referencing it for those days that I can't help take things too personal. haha

...still undecided about my weightloss tracker... still open for opinions/discussion/etc. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why my weightloss tracker hasn't moved...

So if you've noticed, I haven't updated my weightloss tracker. Reason being, if you remember any of my past posts I was constantly being discouraged by what the scale said. Mainly, the scale wouldn't move, would barely move in the right direction or I'd gain a lb. Now my issue is that if I don't weigh in, it'll be easier to slack... but if I do weigh in and the result isn't pleasing to me I usually throw my hands up in the air and saw 'screw it'... 'let's eat bad tonight' and then the failboat really sinks low. :-/

What do you think I should do? Both scenarios are valid for either or... but I'm just trying to decide which is best.

Let me know what you think.

Many thanksss :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Now! introducting:
www.TheRealAugustina.com, my very own domain name... hollller!

In case you forget, the old link (.blogspot) will just redirect you to this new page.  Same stuff, but I have a superrrr talented friend, Nick, who's going to be creating some new graphics and such for the site...

I also have another site that's in the makings... it's GON' be exciting! And I'll need your help to build it.  It's completely unrelated to weightloss/healthy living.  It's one of my passions...

Stay tuned!

On another note, got together with some co-workers after work and skipped the gym... :-/

Gotta zumba it up tomorrow tho, fo sho!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why I want to lose weight

My reasons for losing weight are simple-ish (okay, not really):

I mean, obviously I want the health benefits that come with losing weight... but moreover, I want the confidence aspect.

As of recent, I've been traveling this summer: Philly, Boston, the Cape, Vegas, Nantucket and Barbados in a little less than a month.  One constant in all of these trips is all the self-consciousness and 'blah' feeling.

-From the fear that I'll need a seat belt extender on the flight to always choosing a seat in the back of the plane so I don't have to bump up against people as I walk down the aisle to use the restroom.
-From the inability to wear 'cute' traveling shoes because my feet are killing me after 1 hour of walking around a city to the getting too tired to walk around all day and needing to rest every hour or so at a coffee shop or restaurant.
-From feeling like 'Ahhh it's okay to indulge, it's not like I'm in this city all the time' to the, as I call it, Eater's Remorse after I eat a 1500 cal meal

It's been a rollercoaster, to say the least and that's why I want NEED to lose weight.

Moreover, I have noticed that the biggest if not main MAIN rootcause to overeating and unhappiness is a confidence issue.  I'm not saying that after I lose all my weight that I'm going to have 100% confidence-yeaaaa!... I am saying that I feel my biggest downfall and hurdle is my weight.  I am a confident person, but when it comes to my weight and the way I feel about myself in the morning... Oyyy.

To be quite honest, these past few days I've been hitting it hard at the gym, I walk with a little skip in my step.  Why? Because I know I'm in the RIGHT direction and that I'm taking the necessary steps to look 'Ohhhh GOOD gracious, @$$ is bodacious!'... ya hear?

Anywho, going back to the whole vacay situation... I'm going to Barbados and let's be honest, you know my fat ass aint getting into no swimsuit.  I have NEVER worn a bikini and doubt I ever will... at least not w/o some serious reconstructive surgery (ie: tummy tuck, etc.).  But one day, I'd love to wear a bathing suit and feel somewhat 'okay' with it.

Andddd lastly, I yearn to fully love myself.  I know I love myself, but definitely not all of Augustina is loved by Augustina.  Now THAT needs ta change.

Why do YOU want to lose weight/maintain your weight?

Follow-up from Yetti's tag -

I heart this woman!

I read this article yesterday night and was completely amazed!

This girl is amazing.  I've admired plus size model Ashley Graham for sometime now.  I read this article and fell in love.  The love this girl has for herself is inspiring.  She realizes her worth, something many of us lack.

I read this and got a whole new inspiration to losing weight and I'll tell you why.  When I think about how much weight I need to lose, I often find myself so very overwhelmed.  It almost seems impossible at times..  But hearing this woman's confidence in her size 16 (2 sizes away for me), is so very refreshing.  Does that mean my ultimate goal is a 16? Heck no, but this girl looks damn good at that size and I know that as I drop sizes, I too will begin looking better and better.  I need to stop thinking, I must have Kim K's waist... it won't happen, I'm not built that way.  Rather I need to say, I want a thick & healthy Augustina size... volumptuous, rather.  hahaa.

I think my favorite part of this piece:

The Other Love in Her Life: As we ride the elevator up to Ford, I notice her necklace charm on delicate gold chain. She spins it, and shows me that it says, "I love you."  How sweet. Was it from Justin? Another guy? Mom? "No," she says. "It was a present to myself four years ago. I'd just gotten over a boy and thought, I'm not going to let a man take me down. I wear it every day." She looks at me and spills into another of her rolling laughs, knowing how risque this is about to sound. "I love," she says, not caring, "me." 

I think the one of the greatest challenges in life is love oneself fully and completely.  I know it will always be a struggle for me... but dang, to have that kind of confidence... is simply beautiful.

You go girl!

P.S. The image in this post is now the background on my macbook.  Inspiration, kids... inspiration!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Finally a legit shake!

Sooo in a mad rush this morning to make use of my overly ripe banana, I decided to make a protein shake w/ my Oster blend-n-go or whatever the heck it's called blending machine.

I put:
-1/2 serving of my Secure Vanilla meal replacement mix
-1 banana
-1/4 cup of pineapple
-1.5 cups of water
- 5 icecubes

And I'm obsessed... it reminds me of summer. Btw, I'm very much in denial that summer is over. Ugh. Either way it's delish and I'm enjoying it at this very moment.

Have a nice day, kidz!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aqua Zumbzzz = success.

I really enjoyed the class today at the Y.  It was essentially water aerobics, with zumba-y moves and Latin music.  I was a fan, personally.  It was great since I've been taking it easier on my left knee, from my injury in Philly several weekends ago.  And while I appreciate that we need to kill all bacteria in the swimming pool is it necessary to have THAT much chlorine that after 2 showers I still smell like the pool? I think not. Man, the chlorine was intense..

Tomorrow I will attempt my first zumba class in about a month or so.  It's long overdue and I miss itttt!

On another note, does anyone have any good acne tips or tricks?  I swear the medicine my dermatologist has me on is NOT working.  And people say, "Augustina, I can't see any acne..".  Well that's because I try to hide the heck out of it w/ makeup, but it's very red, bumpy and nasty. It doesn't seem to be going away and I'm afraid of the craters I will have as a result of this mess...

Any suggestions??

I'm taking Doxycyclin and Differin 0.1... it's not working. :((

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No swimming & my poor lunch making habz

So I had a recruiting event today @ WPI for my company and it didn't let out until around 7:15p. I was sooo tempted to not hit up the gym, but ended up going anyways.  I forgot my flip flops, so I just did some cardio... heh.  I refused to get Athlete's Foot, ya feel me?

Anywho, I hope to try my first Aqua Zumba class tomorrow! Should be exciting... it's brand new at the Y as well. :)
In terms of my lunch making habits... I continue to munch here and there while I pack my food. I must stoppp! I was ravishing after my workout... and now I feel guilty. Ack!  Does this happen to anyone??

Anywho, I'm exhausted. Lates

Gonna swim it up!

Aside from this fabulous weekend, which was spent in Nantucket w/ one of my besties... it's been a crazy month!

I've been traveling and have enjoyed every last moment of it! Once the travelbug bites you... oyyyy, watch out! At least that's how it is in my case.  My next big trip will be in October which will take me and my bf Lauren to the Barabados.  AHHHH!

Until then, let's get surrious here.

So today after work I went to Dick's sporting goods and bought me a pair of Speedo goggles and a swim cap.  This is definitely going to make my time in the pool a bit more efficient, I believe. I'm excited!

I'm thinking a lil Zumba tomorrow followed by some swimming? Sounds good to meeee...

How's everyone been doing?!  Any new discoveries I should know about? :-D

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Gadget = Potentially more crazy posts

So at work I received my updated Windows 7 machine and discovered that I am able to download gadgets. That being said, I now have this FABulous 'Blogger Buddy' gadget that allows me to post w/o the hassle of always logging on and having the huge screen appear, so I appear off-task. Not to say, I'll be goofing off, but I'll definitely be able to post more randomly and I think this could be really useful for accountability purposes. Ah well, take a look at this bad boyyy.

Solid. :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

3.2 lb loss and Let's Go Vegassss!

Lost 3.2lbs and barelyyyy won the competition, so nothing I'm really bragging about, but I'll chalk up the win! 

I need to head to bed cuz I'm going to Vegas and I am going to do my best to avoid the buffets... don't get me wrong, I will partake in one... but nothing crazy.  Emotionally, I've gone too far to let this trip mess my progress up.

Have a good one! Praying for beginner's luck...

Big $, Big $$$$$!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene & fight to the finish

Hello, helllllo!

Haven't had a terrible lot to blog about, but figured I'd discuss my success w/ Hurricane Irene.  In addition, tonight is my last night to squeeze in my 'last minute workout'; the competition with Erin has come to an end as of tomorrow.

So, this past weekend I went to my friend Jo-Ellen's GORGEOUS wedding and thankfully Irene held out just in time to get the ceremony and pics taken.  It was a fabulous time, good food and drink. In fact, Irene helped me stay away from some calories... How, you ask?  Well myself and the Erin & Colleen aka Party Twinz (lmao) all went together to the wedding and were afraid that if we didn't leave the night of the wedding that the bridges to/from the Cape would be closed.  With that in mind, I was not able to partake in the open bar for the evening.  Now normally that's a cardinal sin for me; however, HELL if I was going to get stuck on the Cape in the middle of hurrican, ya feel me?  So after the wedding we headed home and that was that.

Now on Sunday I woke up to loud crashing noises.  Long story short, my wall A/C unit was near tipping over and falling out of my 9TH FLOOR apt.  That was by the grace of God that it didn't, I'll have you know.  So, fixed that situation along with the soaked nearby carpet and then relaxed and made GOOD choices the rest of the day.

Now today, I did my twice a day (morning and evening workout).  And tomorrow I will be hitting up the gym again, in hopes of losing any water weight to help me with this challenge! Hahaha...

We shall see.  I will be posting tomorrow.  :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Car accident/Philly/Hurt knee cap/Oyy vey

I'll make this as brief as possible, cuz I need to head to beddy bye rather soon.

I got into an accident aka fender bender last Thursday after work.  I hate that pretty much ALL read-end accidents are the fault of the driver, no matter what.  Sooo fail b/c 1 second of reactionary time isn't all that just or practical either, esp when a driver decides to slam on the breaks for no reason.  Anywho, I'm still in the process of figuring that out.  I'm undecided as to whether or not I'll pay out of pocket or if I'll take the check from the insurance company.  Based upon the appraisal of the BMW company, if the price is reasonable-ish, I'll pay out of pocket.  Ohhh another thing, if your insurance company has to pay more than $2000 for an entire claim (your car, other car and all other expenses combined), the accident is then considered major.  It doesn't matter if it's a 5-car pile up or a few scracthes on a Jag, just so long as it's over $2000.  Isn't that outrageouss?!? I mean c'mon, what's the point of insurance then? I have full coverage on my paid off 98 honda for a reason!

I instinctively wanted to eat my sorrows away, but instead went shopping.  Not that that's much better, but I didn't eat my sadness. heh.

I went to Philly this past weekend and did my best in terms of eating choices.  Yes, I had 2 small philly cheesesteaks while there, but they were small and I walked a ton.  Can't fulllly deprive myself, right?

In the process of my Philly fun, I went out to a bar with my friend and some girl accidentally tripped me while I was walking downstairs and I hurt the heck out of my left knee cap.  Needless to  say, exercising this week has been non-existent and I'm still in a great amount of pain.  I really need to sign-up for the YWCA officially, because I'm thinking that swimming would be great for this kind of issue.

Sooo that's my dramaful week... this week has been crazy as work with training and whatnot, but still no excuse for a lack of posts.

How has your week been, everyone?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My new kitchen gadget & How I love Zumbz

So I saw this commerical for Oster's new MyBlend.  So I saw some reviews and ended up buying my $12 Hamilton Beach Personal Blender! I'm the most low-maintenance person when it comes to making food and preparing.  I always try to find the quicker and easier way out, which bites me in the butt many times.  In short, I've been trying this whole Greek yogurt bidness and am trying to incorporate more healthy drinks, smoothies into my diet.  That being said, this contraption allows you to throw all the stuff you want in the blender, after blending you take the cup out of the base of the machine and go.  There's no real messy clean-up, it's legit blend and go.  LOVE itttt!

So now, my next goal: Find tasty and healthy smoothie recipes/experiment.  Any suggestions?

Oh and in terms of my love of Zumbz... I'm just really hooked.  Sarah and I met up at Core Connection to take Elena's Zumba class and it was stellar.  I haven't sweat that much in a good while! She kicked my behind, fo sho, but it felt sooo good afterwards.  I just <3 zumba, it's a legit dance party and I'm pretty sure I burn close to 1000 cals per sesh.  It's the best win win I've seen in awhile. :)

On that note, I need to scout out studies with good prices so I can zumba close to 5 days a week.  If I could zumba 5 days a week and then work out an additional 40 mins on top of that... I'd be quasi-golden!

Any... I'm exhausted b/c I also got my behind beat in my Zumba Tone class.  Good ish!!


Friday, August 12, 2011

One of my bestfriends is in town!

So real quick update... as of a week ago on 8/4, I have lost 7lbs.  In my competition with my friend Erin, 1.8lbs lost.

So it's restaurant week in Worcester and my friend is here.  This is a potential recipe for disaster... only if I allow it.  I'm doing my best to stay on 'track'.  I'm not limiting carbs as I was before, but at least watching my cal intake.

Praise Jesus it's Friday! Boston, here I comeeee... :-D

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Short and simple post, kiddos...

On Monday I went on some pills to help clear up my face, which I'm tots against - btw, and today I started feeling real ill.  I honestly felt intoxicated at work... I'm not sure what the dealio is.  I couldn't even go to zumba and letttt me tell you, I had EVERY intention on going.  Soooo.... I skipped it, it was raining, I felt crappy, came home with friend from work who's staying over to have her car fixed in Worcester and ended up eating leftover pizza.  BAD BADDDD Augustina!!... Then I packed my lunch and snacked on a few items there.  Not good.  Tomorrow is my weigh-in w/ Erin... won't be surprised if there's not a deficit... :(

On the other hand, tomorrow is a new day...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Carb Conscious

Today I began being more 'carb conscious' with my meals.  I was noticing that while I was eating healthy foods, I was carb overloading.

Bfast - Whole grain cereal, banana
Snack - yogurt
Lunch - Lean cuisine (usually pasta), side of corn, fruit
Snack - string cheese, 100 cal-pack (usually tons of carbs)
Dinner - 6 inch subway sandwich w/ baked chips
Dessert - Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich

Now straight up, I could eat ALL of that and still be in my calorie limit for the day.  If I was doing WW, which I've done in the past, I could have easily stayed within my point range w/o going over.  BUT, let me tell you, in the past my pancreas was not a happy camper.

It's no wonder I haven't been losing weight as quick as I thought I should've been and why I was still tired and in a slump.  I was eating 'healthy' foods, but entirely too many carbs.

Now that being said, today I was very good about limiting my carbs.

Bfast - 2 hard boiled eggs, small banana, coffee w/ creamer and artificial sweetener (I know, I know... I need to stick to Truvia)
Lunch - sardines, 5 saltine crackers, serving of green beans
Snack - 1/4 mix of almonds and walnuts, 1/2 apple and 5 grapes, 2 kosher dill spears
Dinner - One of my old Nutrisystem frozen meals (16g of carbs), it was Turkey w/ veggies
Dessert - Trader Joe's Peach Pop

In fact, now that I look at this, I'm not sure I ate 'enough' for the day... lesson learned.  Either way, I am not completing eliminating all carbs, I'm just trying to be conscious.

And I will admit, I was EXHAUSTED this morning... and didn't do my morning workout... :-/  Which is why I must sign-off, gotta head to bed so I do it tomorrow morning fo sho!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week recap & Goals for the week

On Saturday I went to the Y to use my final day of my 3-day pass.  Let's just say I went allll out.  I went to the hour-long zumba class, elliptical for 20, treadmill for 10, swimming for 30.  It was a fitness frenzy, no doubt!

I did not work out today because tomorrow the twice-a-day regimen commences.

Goals for the week:
-Eat more complex carbs
-Eliminate as many refined sugars as possible
-Have at least 3 twice-a-days (gym in the am and pm)
-Blog at least 5x this week
-Look to my SparkPeople for advice and encouragement throughout the week.

Here's to making it a great week, kidz!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Calorie crisis...

I just made my first post on SparkPeople regarding my calorie crisis.  Soooo, here's the question I posted:

I'm trying to go on a low-carb diet and exercise twice a day, in the morning for around an hour and in the afternoon for around 1hr 30 mins.  I know that sounds extreme, but I want to get serious about this.  The problem I'm having is how many calories do I eat to sustain this weightloss? I use those calculators that tell me how much to eat based upon how much I want to lose, but those never seem to be accurate esp b/c I'll be doing double-duty in working out.

I know if i eat too few calories, I could be sabotaging myself... can someone help me?

Your help is very much appreciated!!

What do you think? Any suggestions?


So far the responses have been:
Go to - 
I guess I would consider this amount of exercise to be very active, but it's saying I need to consume around 2200-2500 cals a day, that can't seem right.  How is it on the BL they only consume 1500 cals and exercise 8 hrs a day! what the....

Also, just went onto a body fat calculator and it says I'm about 44% body fat. Excelllllent!

Friday, August 5, 2011

TGIF & Peach Pops

So Friday couldn't have come any sooner... man this week has been b-a-n-a-n-a-s, as Gwen would say!  So yeaaaa for the weekend! I do get a tad 'worried' about my will power during the weekends, because this has historically been my toughest time to stay on track.  I figured I'd keep myself busy with a mental schedule of things 'to do' this weekend to keep the focus away from food.  hahaa I really do feel like I'm taking the 12-step program for my addiction.  I guess it's not really funny, since it's reality.

So I finally had Chipotle for the first time in like 2-3 months... crazy, eh? And the Chipotz on Route 9 is the first in Mass to have brown rice as an option, so naturally I tried it.  It was good, a little different, but still good.  And the guy skimped on my guac, which upset me, but I thought heyyy.. maybe it's a sign I don't need the extra good fat... heh.  I try to justify things in my head all day... I should've been like, 'Heyyy!... c'mon let's not be stingy here' to the guy, but I go there too often to pull a quick one like that. :-/ heh.

Anywho, afterwards I went to Trader Joe's across the way and bought a few excellent items:
1) bean dip, 2g of carbs per serving... yes plz
2) veggie bird nest... lightly battered carrots, kale and something else. It was the food sample item and I actually bought it. The product sold itself.
3) soy-rizo... chorizo-flavored soy.  I plan on making that with some eggs next week. Gotta stick low carb
4) Peach Pops... Now let me tell you, my love for peaches is deep.  I love peach beer - Dogfish Head's Festina Peche, Green Mountain Coffee's Peach flavored coffee, Peach Tea... only thing I don't like is the peach flavored dum dum lollipops. lol Regardlessss, I bought this and tried one for dessert at only 45 cals.  One word: Delightful.  It's like peach puree & chunks of peach in a frozen pop form.  It's muy bien! I give it my blessing, no doubt.

Alright, last bit.  Tomorrow should be a good workout, we shall see.  It'll be my last 3-day pass at the Y.  I'm hoping it 'sells' me.

Gotta head to bed, must get that workout in early. :)

Playin some hoopz...

So today was the 2nd day of my 3-day pass at the Y.  I hurried to the gym to go to Zumba class all excited and the class turned out to be a huge flop.  The 'instructor' who looked like she was 18 was trying to teach us 'bollywood zumba'.  Ummm... idk about you, but the zumba I know is mostly Latin music and it's upbeat and my fat ass is sweating!... this class was everything BUT that.  Very upset.

Soooo.. I skipped the class early and workout out on my own.

On my way out of the gym I saw the empty basketball court inside.  I looked around to see if anyone was looking and I went inside the glassed-in ball court.  No on was there... just me, jamming to my ipod and a few basketballs lying around.  So what did I do? I started shooting the ball from the left court, then right then free-throw style... dribbling the ball back at forth from each end of the court.  It was like P.E. days, but no one to laugh at my awful moves and no one saying 'hurrrry up, you're holding up the line'. It was actually quite nice.  I got in a lil round II of a workout hahaa... and it was excellent.

I was very pleased with myself.  And... yeah, that's that.  I still have a grin on my face lol.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day #1 of the Challenge w/ Erin

So my good ol' friend Erin decided she'd help us both jump start our journey... and she knows how Augustina works.  She threw a challenge into the mix, a little friendly competition between the two of us.

It's real simple.  Today we both weighed in on our own and shared our current weight with each other.  The challenge will end on Wednesday, August 30th, so exactly 4 weeks from now.  The winner will buy the other person lunch and have bragging rights... until the next competition. 

Now this has got me thinking of all sortsssss of ideas for our next challenge, cuz there's nothing like thinking ahead, right?  My first spurt of weightloss was the result of a competition with my family members.  Me my cousins Valerie, Christina, Frantina and Melissa all joined in a Biggest Loser type sitch.  We weighed in on Jan 4th, 2010 and promised to weigh in every other week.  Along with weighing in every other week, we'd add $10 each to a pile.  The winner at the end of 3 months won.  Problem was, my family never held onto their end of the bargain, I won the competition and no one paid up.  heh... either way, I ultimately ended up winning.  BUT, I'd totally be down for something like THAT if any of you reading are interested.  Nothing motivates like money, can I get an AMEN?... plz, no need. I know this biz.

Soooo... good luck to you Erin.  Get ready to weap! hahahahhaa... jk... kinda.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This crazy new Zumba instructor...

Ah helllllll nah.  I leave the gym for 2 months and in comes this peppy little Zumba instructor.  She about gave me a heart attack and I'm on Ibuprofen, no joke.  She decided to turn the class into a Zumba tone session.
I had 3lb weights, which is nothing, right? WRONG. Tomorrow I'll be sore, but that's aiight, it's expected when you go on a hiatus the way I did.  Anywho, zumba toning is doing zumba, but with 2-3lb weights, so you 'tone' while you're working out.  Excellent concept and I get my calorie burn for my bang, so it was good.

I went walking for 20 mins on the treadmills afterwards, so all in all a good workout sesh, I'd say

For dinner I had steak fajitas with these EXCELLENT low carb tortillas, I tots recommend them.
The Brand is Buena Vista and they're whole wheat tortillas for low-carb diets.  They are raw, so you can nook them in the micro or heat them up in a pan.  (I tried to find a google image, but couldn't)  You can buy them at Stop & Shop.
My review: LEGIT.

On a side note, skyped one of my besties tonight.  It was great talking with her, she's the best and she's coming to visit me in the Woot Woo.  It took us forevz and a day to find a decent priced hotel in Boston on 8/13, but we did.  Thank you www.hotwire.com.  You have saved me, once again.  Best part of this all, she's on her own weight loss journey and promised me that we'd be 'good' together.  We'll hold each other accountable.  Now that's a WIN-WIN!


Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day Back & 5 Things

Today was a toughy...

I was gung ho about getting back into the swing of my bachelorette life and got into work to only realize I left my lunch w/ my bfast and lunch inside the fridge.  Now I normally would've said, 'eff it', I'll start tomorrow... but I backed that truck up and thought 'Ah hell nah, now it's time to put my true skills to the test'.  With my knowledge of eating well that I've gained from past experiences, I knew exactly what to do and eat off the fly when buying at my work's cafeteria.

Had some oatmeal, added 1 packet of sugar

And for the first time, I actually bought a salad at the cafe.  I've NEVER done that... and I found it quite enjoyable.  It's great knowing that the salad wasn't treacherous, but was quite delightful (since I never usually eat salads, I tend to avoid them at all costs).  Soooo, I ate well and didn't snack on vending machine foods or anything for that matter.  What a test of a day to start out the week, no?

Continuing, I tried the YWCA and I liked it.  I wasn't too excited that I had to wait to use an elliptical, but we'll see.  I'm going to go back to the gym at my work tomorrow and take my first Zumba class post-op.  We'll see how this goes... then I'm going to see about 'freezing' my membership.  Reason being, I'm going to sign-up for 6-weeks at the Y to see how it goes.  I mainly like the fact that the Y has a swimming pool and I know just how good swimming is for you and your joints, esp at my weight.

I shall see soon enough...

But now onto the 5 Things portion:

Sarah tagged me to do a five things you love about yourself. The idea is to write about 5 things that make you feel confident in yourself, be they mental or physical. This is not intended to be a brag session, just a way of putting some positive energy out into the universe. Here we go:

Augustina’s 5 Things:

  1. I love my eyes, they're probz my best feat.  Yes they're brown, like most people, but their shape is different.  I try to play them up when I do make-up because hey!, why not flaunt what your momma gave you?...err yeah...
  2. I am people person to the core.  I love people, I love all the different cultures this Earth has and I loveeeee talking and listening to what people have to say, especially in a One on One setting.
  3. I do believe I'm a genuinely good person.  I aim to please, and I want everyone to be happy... and while this does get me in trouble (esp. when ppl aren't happy), I care about how other ppl are feeling and perceiving in whatever is going on.
  4. I do like my sense of humor and enjoy my own company very much so.  
  5. I love my up and coming derriere.  I promise, I used to have the flattest pancake behind in the history of existence, but with those squats and lunges and uphill walking... this culo has and is becoming more bubbly w/ each squat. hahaa
I'm not sure I even follow 5 bloggers, but I'll tag whoevz I can...

Tag, you’re it!

  1. Yetti from And So She Writes
  2. Sara from Veggies For Real
Do it up!!

And I'm over & out.

It's do or die.

I know I'm up late writing this, but I had to get this post in before I finally went to bed.

Tomorrow is a Monday and the first day of August.  It will also be 6 weeks post-op from my gallbladder surgery, which means I can resume regular workouts.  Sarah, when are we zumba-ing?

Anywho, my 'nest' aka apt is officially empty and now it's just me.  My mom was here the entire summer and my dad was here for the past two weeks.  Now they're gone... and I miss them terribly, I really do. :(  And while these next few weeks leading to the big Vegas shabang on Labor Day weekend are going to be super packed, I need to get serious at some point.  I can't keep holding this weightloss effort on until 'the perfect time'.  Life happens and that's it, there is no ideal time to start, right? Gotsta start to-dayyy!

And I keep seeing so many weight loss successes and wondering why I'm not there myself.  I have no kids, no bf, nada to stand in my way.  It is time - this ish is about to get surrrrious.

Getting a 3-day pass at the YWCA down the street tomorrow.  We'll see if I like it... I'm hoping I do!

Oh and a big 'thank you' to those who have still been trying to keep me in check, please don't stop.  The truth hurts, but I appreciate it, I do.

Cheers to making IT happen!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's w/ this rollercoaster right? I want off of it!

I feel like I'm at an amusement park and can't get off of Space Mountain or the Superman ride.  It's ridiculous.

I know so much about weight loss, what I need to eat, how I need to exercise, supplements, shakes, the whole bit... yet I don't adhere to it.  One small mistake sends me off the rocket!... I 'spose I just live for the moment all too often?

I mean, I myself have identified the fact that my biggest life issue, at this point, is my weight.  I would have so much DAMN potential, if it weren't for my weight... yet I still continue my evil ways.  You think it'd be plain as day and almost simple to a fault... but it ain't.  At least for me it isn't.  One little distractiong (like my dad coming in for the next 2 weeks, a weekend getaway) and I'm off the wagon. What the hellllll!... sorry, this is just so... frustrating.  I'm so over this depressing ride...

I need a hypnotist. lol... well, I need something, not sure what my issue or funk is.  But this shit has got to stop.  Sorry for the profanity, but I'm just fed up w/ myself right now.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who run the world... Girls!... Who run thisss mothaaa??..

I've had that song in my head for the past few days and it makes me want to break it downnnnn townnn.  However, I obvz can't because of my incisions, etc.  Whatevz...

I'm soooo over this bed rest stuff.  So odd that the most painful part of this are now my back spasms, butt bone soreness and neck aches... eck.  I can't wait to get back into my workout routine, I miss it!  Today, we're having a reunion for my sorority and I can't go b/c of obvious reasons... makes me saddd.  But heyyy I'm glad the surgery dealio went down fine.

Very off-topic, as this entire post has been, but here are the songs that I'm digging as of lately.  Check 'em outttt:

"Teenage Affair" - Alicia Keys
"Run The World (girls)" - Beyonce
"I Don't Deserve You" - Lloyd Banks ft. Jeremih
"Still Sound" - Toro Y Moi
"New Beat" - Toro Y Moi

That's LEgit stuff! Latessss..

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hello there,

Yes it has been awhile since I've posted. Ugh... fail.

Anywho, I'm writing the night before surgery.  I will have my gallbladder removed tomorrow in the morning.  I'm scared about the gas pains and the overall pain of having the surgery.  I guess I'm so anxious because last time I had surgery it was a treacherous experience and then had to have follow-up emergency afterwards.  Yes this was 5 years ago and it was a totally different type of surgery... but it was still horrrrrrible!

Anywho, I will post soon about 'the money pit of surgery'.  But in all honesty, this proactive approach of surgery is going to cost me a pretty penny.  Then again, w/o you're health you are nothing...in my opinion at least.

So I ask for your prayers and well wishes as I go 'under' tomorrow morning. 

On a good note, I'm hoping I can lose a few lbs in this endeavor due to the liquid diet I'll be on. haha... I haven't been able to eat fried food since I found out I had gallstones on 6/5 in the ER... that's another story too.

Anywho, here's to praying the surgery goes well and I capitalize on this process and lose some weightttt. :)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LOVE this quote...

But before I post it...

In a deep moment of weakness, I was about to order Chinese food.  Well now I'm officially on vacay until Tuesday and I had the number pre-dialed on my phone with my order ready, I suddenly told myself, "NO!... NO!, Augustina."  I told myself, "This craving is only temporary, you will feel like crap once you're done eating it.  Remember, these exact decisions are the reason you're so unhappy in you're life.  The reason you're alone, feeling ugly, etc. etc."  After having that internal dialogue, I shut my phone off and closed out of the online menu.

I proceeded to eat a 350 calorie meal instead.

Then I watched the Oprah Season Finale and the Biggest Loser Finale... and let me tell you, both were tear-jerkers!  I was sooo proud of myself for not having ordered that Chinese food, especially after those inspirational shows.

That's how it's done, I guess.  At least, that's how I'm "getting it done".  Just thought I'd share that.

Nowww onto a serious quote... I'm not a feminist... just pro-female. hahaa

"Because women's work is never done and is underpaid or unpaid or boring or repetitious and we're the first to get fired and what we look like is more important than what we do and if we get raped it's our fault and if we get beaten we must have provoked it and if we raise our voices we're nagging bitches and if we enjoy sex we're nymphos and if we don't we're frigid and if we love women it's because we can't get a "real" man and if we ask our doctor too many questions we're neurotic and/or pushy and if we expect childcare we're selfish and if we stand up for our rights we're aggressive and "unfeminine" and if we don't we're typical weak females and if we want to get married we're out to trap a man and if we don't we're unnatural and because we still can't get an adequate safe contraceptive but men can walk on the moon and if we can't cope or don't want a pregnancy we're made to feel guilty about abortion and...for lots of other reasons we are part of the women's liberation movement." ~Author unknown, quoted in The Torch, 14 September 1987


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doing well...

It's been awhile since I've posted, I know.  I have been doing well tho..

I think I may be switching from the Hanover gym to the YWCA, super close to my apt.  I loveeee exercise classes, that's what I live for.  The Y offers like 2-3 Zumba classes per week, so I'm excited about that.  Also, going to take another Yoga class upon my return from Tucson. 

I will be doing my best back at home to eat well.  I've already told my mom, this way she helps keep me in check. Lord knowssss I done gone bananas a few times when I've been home... it's all the dayum Mexican food. Nom nom nom... I just need to not eat like it's the last Mexican food I'll get my hands on... it will come around again.  Maybe. lol  It's hard to find that ish on the East Coast. :( Okay, I'm done pouting.

Anywho, super excited to be back home with the fam bam! I have a jam packed itinerary, my favvvv.  I love itineraries/agendas.. I know I'm strange. heh.

Here's to making healthier choices, while under pressure. Lifestyle change, not diet.


Monday, May 9, 2011


So this weekend wasn't terrible, per se.  I took a 2 day break on Friday and Saturday from exercise because I was sooo sore from the new workout. 

On Sunday I took my very first yoga class ever at the Core Connection. The class was given by master Yogi, Caitlin.  She kicked my butt in her "Heated Vinyasa Flow Yoga" class.  People think yoga is easy and very peaceful looking, but this class was anything BUT that!  I honestly can't remember the last time I sweat thatttt much!

I'll tell you what, I was sore about 5 hours after that class and I'm STILL sore.  My clothes fit me sooo well on Sunday. hahaha Talk about total detox-city!

As much as it hurt and I sucked at the class, I want to go back. The feeling afterwards was amazingggg and I love the way my clothes fit me! Sooo good.

So today after work I went to Zumba, did 15 on tread and 20 on elliptical.  Tomorrow I will do the new workout routine.  And guess what?!?  Sooo I never ever everrrr eat salads.  Wellll well, tonight was the exception.  I made myself a lil' salad... it was tasty. I can't explain to you how proud I am of myself and NO desert. :)

I've come to the conclusion (on my own) that I'm eating too many carbs, esp. during the night time. We'll see how this Saturday's weigh-in goes. :-/ I'm nervous only because I don't want to get discouraged. At least I can now feel a difference in my clothes. 

Aiight, night!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First day of new workout routine...

So the fitness specialist I saw on Saturday came up with a new fabulous workout routine for me.  Fabulous... haaa!

I was sweating like made today, a very good thing.  Today was soooo stressful at work, it has been for the past few weeks, so my working out has been my saving grace.  Lots of 'pent' up stuff and it's healthy to release it all, so that's good stuff.

I did:
Crunches, squats, lunges, step-ups, all with weights and on exercise balls and 3 mins of hitting it hard on the elliptical between exercises. Ohhhh meng!

Anywho, tomorrow is CINCO DE MAYO! AYyyyy yai yaiiii!

I hope to spend it with some friends at this restaurant called Cancun.  I've never heard of it, but they say it's bomb-bizzay.  I must control myself... only 1 drink!

Dang, this whole not drinking thing is definitely difficult.  Not that I'm an alchy, but I definitely enjoy my beer and wine and ... yeah.   It's just hard to resist, is all. 

I'm sore as all heck, and probz will be even worse tom morning. Ohhhh boy!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I know, it's almost been a week since I posted last.

Quick updates and then I'll legit update tomorrow.  Fitness specialist has set-up a nice little routine for me.  I will try that on Wednesday... or maybeee tomorrow if I'm feeling lucky/ballsy.

We will look at my food logs on Wednesday to determine the weightloss issue.  As a friend told me tonight, don't focus on the actual weight, just know that you're pushing yourself and getting healthier.  If you can feel slight changes in your clothes and the feeling of getting stronger, then you're doing alright.  That being said, the scale is hidden.  It's been 'hidden', but it's for reals hidden now.

Also, had a dec weekend.  My car was giving me trouble today... overheating and whatnot, so needless to say it was a stressful day at work.  I picked up my car and then went home to eat dinner... no gym.  I've noticed a trend.  I'll speak more to this 'trend' in tomorrow's post.  Can anyone guess what trend I'm spotting...

Speaking of spotting trends, loveeeee the site: trendwatching.com  Soooo good!

Okay, gotta go to bed.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Panic Mode?

So I was talking to fellow blogger, Sarah, about health and wellness type things (she's super knowledgeable about these type of things, love her! haha).  So I was explaining my frustration to her about how I haven't lost any weight this week...

Long story short: I weighed 256.6 last Saturday morning, this past week I've been weighing in at around 259. I ate well during Easter, so what gives?

Needless to say, I've been working realllll hard at the gym and have seen no results.  Now I didn't get this size for no good reason.  I desire things quickly, I like the quick-fix for things.  With weightloss, the story is no different.  When I see I'm not losing, I freak out.  So she was talking to me about tips and tricks and reminded me that I really need to be measuring myself on three different levels: 1) Actual weight, 2) Body Fat%, and 3) measurements of the thighs, hips, waist and chest.   She then talked to me about resistance training.  I've been doing nothing but pure cardio, which is not good. I need to tone with weights or some form of resistance exercise.  Anywho, she's a wealth of knowledge and I'm glad to have her as a friend and resource!

Back to my panic mode story, so despite all the positive advice she gave me... I was still feeling crappy.  First off, I almost completely dismissed the gym today because I thought 'what's the use?'.  But I talked myself out of it and ended up on doing around 40 mins of cardio... :-/

Afterwards, I spoke with Jenna the training specialist at the gym and she gave me some pointers.  I will meet with her on Saturday morning to create a personalized workout plan and to review my eating choices, since I log them on livestrong.com.  She's certified in a ton of things, so I trust her judgement.  She told me to hide my scale and that we'd weigh in this Saturday, so that will be my official weigh in date.  She'll weigh me 2 weeks after as well.  She also suggested that I eat some more calories or to eat a good amount of 'healthy' calories and then hit the gym tomorrow hard to trick my body.  So what did I do?  I went straighttttt to Chipotle and have consumed 2274 calories today.  I think I was waiting for her to say that and BAM I was at Chipotle quicker than you could say 'quick'.  heh.

So I feel shitty for having eaten so much, but I know that this ends tonight and that tomorrow I'm hitting it hard again.  My scale is going to be hidden under my bed and I will meet with Jenna on Saturday.

Okay, had to let that out... because I feel so guilty.  Okay, I'm done.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I love Skype

Just got off a skype session with my momma... and it was like she was right there with me.

We both discussed some very personal things and it was nice to connect with her the way we did.  I love that woman to death, man oh man.

Anywho, we're both in the same boat of wanting to lose weight to 'feel attractive'.  I know that's not the 'right' reason to want to lose weight, but it's honest.  I had some idea she felt that way, but not to the extent that it actually is.  We're both very insecure about many things and it's nice to know I'm not alone.  I technically know I'm not, but there's something about the relationship that my mom and I have that made me feel better when I told her all of this and vice versa.

It's a work in progress.  I'm a rosebud righ' now... waiting to become this fabulous like yellow-orange-kinda red rose.  haha only I would imagine the type of 'rose' I'm going to become, as if this metaphor were legit. Ayyy Tina...

It'd look like this, for the record:

Okay i'll stop :-/ ...

haha, anyways as for the gym:

Treadmill (20m)
Rower (6m) - it's so darn painful, so I increased today by 1 min, from yesterday. ahh shoooot! :-D
Elliptical (25m)
Crunches (60)

Calories: 1660

I still need to iron pants for work tomorrow.  G'night!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Another week is amongst us...

First off,

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  I went to my bestfriend's family's house in the middle of nowhere, NH.  It was a great time and I ate very well! I am quiteee proud of myself.  I'm feeling better everyday and I can tell that it's sticking with me this time, yes it IS!

It was a nice time and I'm glad I got to spend it with my NE familia. :)

So here we go with another week...

It's about a month away from the wedding and I have GOT to fit into a size 16 with my scuba suit (Spanx) on!  To help with this, I've been looking into heart rate monitors/calorie trackers.  Two devices I'm looking at in particular are:


Let the battle begin!

Anywho, I'm still in undecided.  Any input would be much appreciated!

For today,

Zumba (40 mins)
Treadmill (15 mins)
Rower (5 mins)
Elliptical (25 mins)

Almost 1.5 hours, not too shabby.

Calories consumed: 1595

I'm gonna pass out... mmmm my bed sounds delish! :-D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I shouldn't weight myself everyday...

It's a bad habit, I know! And when I see I haven't lost anything or gained, I get discouraged.  Flat out, I should weigh myself once a week.  heh... Tomorrow morning (Thursday mornings) will be my weigh in days.  Odd day, but yeah... we'll go with it.

Next week I hope to officially start the Augustina "Twice-A-Day" routine.  That's when I work out for about 30-45 mins in the morning and 45mins - 1.5 hours in the evening? A bit aggressive? yes!  BUT, I need to be a size 16 by May 26th or at least a loose fitting 18. haha... I'm an 18 on a GOOD day, but right now I'm generally a 20.  Hey, I used to be a 26, so let's just keep that in perspective! lol

I did:
-34mins on treadmills
-33mins on elliptical
-crazy stretching

I need to:
-foam roll... It's so painful tho! :(

I ate 1585 calories today, tracked via livestrong.com, here!
I still wonder if that's too low... ugh.  I don't even know anymore... :-/

Gonna be fab, gonna be fab soon...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm doing this for me!

... that was the title of user, Soukicavill's, post on SparkPeople.  I read it in my daily email sent to me from SP.  I found it to be very honest and inspiring.  It hit home, solid.  I will post it at the end.

So I killed it at the gym yesterday, 1.5 hour workout (Tabata, Zumba, Treadmill, Elliptical) combo.  It felt awesome, but towards the end I was feeling sore already.

Today I got out of work late and ended up doing 30 on treadmill and 30 on elliptical.  A solid hour, good stuff.

Needless to say I am stillll confused as to how many calories I should consume.  Three valid sources/websites all say different things and they're each off by a good 200 calories.  Now what the heck is all thattt nonsense about?! Ugh.  I'm gonna stick with 1500 - 1600.

I ended up eating around 1550 cals today, not bad for a killer workout.  Best part of this is that I'm sore, yes, but I can literally feel myself getting stronger.  I miss the rush and all the blessed endorphins after my workouts. hahaa

Also, agreed to go to a Heated Vinyasa Flow class with some friends... oh boy.  That's gonna be a damnnnnn mess, but I'm excited for the 'after class feeling'.  Praying I can get in another good workout tomorrow and that I maintain the strength to stay on track.

Here's that post I said I'd paste, mind you this post speaks to me and says so much about how I personally feel! Amen sistaaaa! :-D

I've Decided I'm Doing This for Me

I'm doing this for me. Not for those who called me too fat to be pretty.
Not for the snooty vendors who look down on me when I try on dresses.
Not for those who say "Too bad, she has a pretty face".
Not to make my parents happy.
Not to fit in to a stereotypical idea of beauty.

I'm doing this to get healthy.
To show myself that I can.
To be a strong woman: I can be athletic. I can be beautiful.
I want to feel good in my own skin.
I want to find MYSELF beautiful.
I want to look in my mirror and smile.

I don't want to think "What if I felt good in my skin ..." anymore.
I don't want to look at a beautiful dress and think "Too bad..."
I don't want to think of myself in disgust. My body and I deserve better than that.
I don't want to mistreat my body. It's not my own little garbage can.
I don't want to devalue my health.
I do not want to binge and purge, binge and purge.
I do not want to punish myself anymore.

I'm going to do this, slowly but surely.

And it has made all the difference.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 3 of braces & back at the gym...

The day started off right, because I got 8 hours of sleep!:)  My teeth are still sore, but I think they're getting better?  Anywho 8 hours is a rarity, so my body was pumped UP!

I was in training at work all day today, and somehow managed to make excellent eating decisions despite the fact that I had a free meal voucher for the cafe at work.  Small cup of chicken noodle soup & a half a sandwich... took the cheese out!

Sooo... After work/training I went to the eye doctor to see about getting another year supply of contacts.  That appt ended just before Zumba started at the gym.  I wasn't initially going to go, but ended up going to a 40 min zumba class, followed by 15 mins on the treadmill and 30 mins on the elliptical.  Gooood stuff, ladies and gents!

I'll have to hit up the gym tomorrow morning or after I get home... :-/  I'm heading to Jamaica Plain w/ some sisters to see another sister perform in RENT.  Super excited, should be some good stuff...

This weekend is looking good.  I am determined to stay strong, esp because I KNOW the hell I go through at the gym.  Lord knows I can't afford to be counterproductive.

It's almost Fridayyyy, ummm hollllla! :-D

P.S. Happy bday to Aubree Deane.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Braces!!... AHHHH!

First off... let's get this outta the way.  I know I look like Ugly Betty....

 I know, I know. :( lol  Anywho, It'll make Halloween easy, no? Gotta think about things on the bright side!

So I will admit that it has effected my workout and eating habits.  I haven't been able to eat many 'hard' foods and I've been in so much pain that I want to do nothing but go home and sleep.  Random headaches have come with it... and now flossing is an honest TASK.  For the pain and the money, I'm not sure it was worth it.  I mean my smile wasn't horrible to begin with... I've just always been self-conscious about my bottom row of teeth.  heh.  I just figured I'd invest in myself... but man this is painful. haha.  Alas, my point is that I cannot let my diet regimen be effected like it has been.  Tomorrow I'm counting calories and hitting the gym again.  I'm forcingggg myself to! I won't excuse this little mishap, but I won't beat myself over it either.

Gotta get back up and keep a steppin'!  I'll let you know of my workout and eating successes tomorrow!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Madness!!

Today was pretty busy at work, but I managed to track my food online.  Which brings me to a new task, I must find a nutritionist.  When I was back in Tucson, I was seeing a lady who told me to eat 1700-1800 calories/day.  Now I think that's a little high, however, I do weigh a lot and may need more calories for sustenance.  I definitely don't want my body to go into starvation mode, but in that same sense I don't want to be sabotaging my weightloss becausee I'm eating too many calories.

Anyone know of a good calculator so I can figure this out??

So I ended up eating around 1850.  I went a little higher than I should've because of my workout at the gym.

I showed up to the gym a little early for Zumba class and ended up in 'another' class... called Tabata.  Now apparently Tabata is an exercise form that focuses on getting the heart rate up and then resting, almost like interval training.  We would do intense moves for 20 seconds, then rest for 10s.  This went on for a little over 10 mins.  Needless to say, I was sweating my behind off.  I'm not used to intense stuff like that, at least not yet.

Then I did Zumba for 45 mins.  After that I did the treadmill for 17 mins and the elliptical for 20.  Then I stretched and had a delicious meal supplement shake!   It was an intense day, so I upped the calorie count... but I still feel guilty.  So no matter what, I will not go over my 1800 tomorrow, I'm promising myself that!

Alright, I'm beat and I go to get my braces put on tomorrow. I'm nervous... I've been waiting for this moment for a long time.  My bottom teeth are super crooked... heh. Man, I hope it doesn't turn into a bad scene.... 24 with braces, oh boy! My sexual attraction just keeps growing... son of a.  I'll post an oh-so-attractive photo of myself tomorrow.

Goodnight kids!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A good weekend...

until tonight. I cheated a little, but the entire weekend was good other than that!

I've set three goals for myself this week:
  • Go to the gym in the morning 3x this week
  • Go to the gym after work 5x this week (M - F)
  • Log alllllll food intake on livestrong.com

I forgot how beneficial food journaling was until I started counting my calories this past weekend.  Man oh man! ... I also spoke with a personal trainer and he reminded me that 80% of weightloss is diet.  Yes, exercise is crucial, but the devil is in the diet.  Than being said, food journaling here we go!

Let's get this did!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm convinced that Day 3 is magical...

perhaps just like the number 3?

I think it takes the 3rd day of doing well for things to begin sinking in.  One day is not enough and day two is "okay, I'm keeping with it".  Day three, however, is a little magical.  For me it is at least.  I'll explain...

So I today was Day 2 at the gym at my work and I was going to do the regular 15 min rotation of bike/treadmill/elliptical, but a friend at work convinced me to take the Zumba Tone class.  This class is Zumba, but with weights. I was like "Ahhh sheeeeet! Idk about all thattt!", especially since weights were incorporated - it scared me a little.  It was taking me out of my comfort zone... but guess what? I took the class and I lovedddd it! I mean, the 40 mins class flewww by!  I've taken Zumba before, but not a class with weights.  I felt excellent after it!

And check this out, after the class I cooled off and then did 15 mins on the treadmill and then 20 on the elliptical!... "Say whattt, Tina?!" Yesss, yesss! The Zumba had my energy up and the endorphins going so I hit up the machines.

After my workout I had a delicious, and I do mean deliciosoooo, meal supplement.  My vanilla secure meal replacement (70 calories only!).  You can find it here.  It's the best tasting stuff and I know what tastes good.  Trust me! I didn't get this way for no reason.  Hey wait a minute, I should be getting paid for advertising this ish! haha... son of a...

So back to my story! When I came home to eat dinner, I had a little extra nutella on my spoon and after I ate it, I felt guilty! The guilt is a sure sign that this is starting to work again.  The regret from overindulging is far worse of a consequence to make me not want to indulge.  Point beingggg... I'm feeling like I'm getting back on track! I'm scared to post all of this, in the case that I fail.  But this is why I'm posting, so it makes me NOT fail.  Can I get an amen?! Crowd: "Amen!"

It's almost Friday! YEAAAA!!

I'm going to make good choices this weekend, because the regret is too painful.  Have a great Friday, kidz! :))

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Switching it up at the gym...

So today went well... I am proud of myself for controlling my urges. :)

But in terms of "switching it up", I have.  I used to do 20 mins of the treadmill and 20 on the elliptical.  Adding the recumbent bike to the mix has definitely mixed it up quite a bit.  So much so that my legs are jello and my arse is madddd sore. :-/  Must fit into dress for the wedding!

I think I'm going to chant this at the gym ... or create a 15 second recording that I will place between songs on my ipod.  That should do the trick, no? hahaha...

It was nice to catch up with my sister-mom aka my big from my sorority.  We had a nice healthy dinna and chatted about life, good stuff... and didn't overindulge.  Can I get a what, whatttt?!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Once again, I have no excuses... none.  I don't blog when I cheat, in case you haven't noticed. :-/  I'm hoping the twins and whoever sees me often/follows me on twitter will drop a line in the event this happens again.  Sooo now that the family frenzy is over :( it's time to get to bidnesssss!

I ate well today and worked out for 45 mins.  My friend has instructed me to do 15 on the bike, 15 on the eliptical and 15 on the treadmill in that order.  So, I am doing just that.  Anything else you're doing that's helping the weight fly off?  I want to know.

I'm also taking Ruby Reds and ProCaps Vanilla as supplements, which he also suggested.  I'm a fan of both products, actually.  Any other supplements you know of that I should know of as well?

I know you all missed me... but real talk, this yo-yo dieting has got to stop! It's super bad, I know... I just need to be committed.  I need to want it that badly.  And in light of my friend's wedding, I cannot showing up heavier than when I left Arizona for a new job in Mass. I will NOT allow this!

I hate to say this why I'm motivated, but at least it's a reason to keep me honest, right?  I want this to be my last REAL relapse post.  I'm sick of writing about my failures.  I just want to succeed and make myself proud.

That's real talk.  Thanks for reading, friends.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mentoring young girls...

So I know this isn't "weight loss" related, but it's "Augustina related", so chill. haha..  Anywho, I'm apart of the United Way - Women's Initiative in Central Mass and was presented the opportunity to volunteer inner city girls (7th grade) about their finances.  While in college I had done my fair share of volunteering, but found my most enjoyable experiences in mentoring and helping out youth.  I'm not sexist, but I naturally connect more with young girls... duh, I was one.  I also participated in Junior Achievement while in college and found teaching about finances, economics, business sense and the like to be quite enjoyable.  Needless to say, this opportunity was right up my alley.

The point I'm getting at is that I had an excellent time, but giving back in a way that I completely enjoyed.  There's plenty of ways to volunteer, first off, but finding opportunities that call to you are also very important. You'll be more inclined to volunteer more often, obvz.  In fact, I can't wait to begin volunteering with Girl's Inc. Worcester next week and am now looking to mentor full time with the YWCA via Big Brothers Big Sisters.  I want to get ahold of them inner city girls... most definitely, the at-risk ones.  I had plenty of opportunity to be "at-risk", but I thank my momma/familia and my teachers/mentors in my youth that brought me beyond that point.

I'm in no way trying to brag, I'm just so fired up and happy!  Giving back really fills this empty part of me... why it's empty, who knows?... Either way, I loved it!  And the point I'm really trying to make is... well... VOLUNTEER.  We ALL have time in our busy schedules to get out there and help one another, at least once a month... c'mon!  It's the best possible gift you could ever give... the gift of your time.

Well hopefully someone will read this and seek out opportunities.  In this short life we live... it's about the legacy we leave - a legacy or love, compassion, will, determination and selflessness.

Now DO IT! :)

P.S. Super pumped about my family coming in tomorrow!... gotta hit the gym ta-noight!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Generally a fairly good weekend..

I say this because I'm starting to learn how to incorporate "real world" foods without binging.  That's been the biggest battle for me.  Everytime I eat something outside of Nutrisystem I binge.  This weekend I ate a sandwich and didn't have to added another sandwich plus chips and a soda.  I was okay with just the sandwich.  Small steps, right?

What I most excited for? Obviously, my family coming to visit... but moreover, the fact that spring is right around the corner!  This meansssss... great weather and more motivation.  I need the sun in my life, flat out, so I'm hoping the change in weather works in my favor... pretty sure it will!  Point being, I will need to lose the biggest portion of my weight between the spring and the end of 2011.  The weather isn't unbearable (usually) during that time frame, so I won't be inclined to hibernate like a bear.

Soooo... I was like... "Ohhh, I gots time to look good before my friend's wedding." Sayyy whattT?! That madness is at the end of May... we're already a week into March.  I ain't got THATTT much time.  I gotsta get to stepping!

I am going to make sure my family MAKES sure I workout while they are here.  I'm gonna have them keep me in CHECK.  I'm telling my bro tonight... he better not be tempting me with IHOP either or I'll kick his teef in!... sheeeeshus.

Sooo goal until Friday:  1) Workout everyday, 2) Stick to NS... no darn cheating!... can someone share some motivational tips & tricks??  I mean c'monnnn...