Monday, April 25, 2011

Another week is amongst us...

First off,

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  I went to my bestfriend's family's house in the middle of nowhere, NH.  It was a great time and I ate very well! I am quiteee proud of myself.  I'm feeling better everyday and I can tell that it's sticking with me this time, yes it IS!

It was a nice time and I'm glad I got to spend it with my NE familia. :)

So here we go with another week...

It's about a month away from the wedding and I have GOT to fit into a size 16 with my scuba suit (Spanx) on!  To help with this, I've been looking into heart rate monitors/calorie trackers.  Two devices I'm looking at in particular are:


Let the battle begin!

Anywho, I'm still in undecided.  Any input would be much appreciated!

For today,

Zumba (40 mins)
Treadmill (15 mins)
Rower (5 mins)
Elliptical (25 mins)

Almost 1.5 hours, not too shabby.

Calories consumed: 1595

I'm gonna pass out... mmmm my bed sounds delish! :-D

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erinofdoom said...

Ugh I just wrote a ridiculously long comment and when I tried to post it I got an error. And now it's lost and gone forever. So, let me just give you the cliff notes -

BodyBugg - Maybe
FitBit - No
HR Monitor - Should be considered

You want something that will enable you to work out SMARTER, not HARDER - it's important to be able to see your heart rate in order to do that, and a bodybugg doesn't provide that constant read-out (and fitbit doesn't offer it at all).

At the end of the day, none of these tools will help you directly lose weight. They will only allow you to make better decisions. It's still 100% mental.