Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I shouldn't weight myself everyday...

It's a bad habit, I know! And when I see I haven't lost anything or gained, I get discouraged.  Flat out, I should weigh myself once a week.  heh... Tomorrow morning (Thursday mornings) will be my weigh in days.  Odd day, but yeah... we'll go with it.

Next week I hope to officially start the Augustina "Twice-A-Day" routine.  That's when I work out for about 30-45 mins in the morning and 45mins - 1.5 hours in the evening? A bit aggressive? yes!  BUT, I need to be a size 16 by May 26th or at least a loose fitting 18. haha... I'm an 18 on a GOOD day, but right now I'm generally a 20.  Hey, I used to be a 26, so let's just keep that in perspective! lol

I did:
-34mins on treadmills
-33mins on elliptical
-crazy stretching

I need to:
-foam roll... It's so painful tho! :(

I ate 1585 calories today, tracked via, here!
I still wonder if that's too low... ugh.  I don't even know anymore... :-/

Gonna be fab, gonna be fab soon...

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Yetti said...

I've been told not to weigh myself everyday but honestly, sometimes it gives me that motivation to drag my ass to the gym and not sit on my couch stuffing my face with candy. Good Job with your gym consistency ! :o)