Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Braces!!... AHHHH!

First off... let's get this outta the way.  I know I look like Ugly Betty....

 I know, I know. :( lol  Anywho, It'll make Halloween easy, no? Gotta think about things on the bright side!

So I will admit that it has effected my workout and eating habits.  I haven't been able to eat many 'hard' foods and I've been in so much pain that I want to do nothing but go home and sleep.  Random headaches have come with it... and now flossing is an honest TASK.  For the pain and the money, I'm not sure it was worth it.  I mean my smile wasn't horrible to begin with... I've just always been self-conscious about my bottom row of teeth.  heh.  I just figured I'd invest in myself... but man this is painful. haha.  Alas, my point is that I cannot let my diet regimen be effected like it has been.  Tomorrow I'm counting calories and hitting the gym again.  I'm forcingggg myself to! I won't excuse this little mishap, but I won't beat myself over it either.

Gotta get back up and keep a steppin'!  I'll let you know of my workout and eating successes tomorrow!


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