Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Panic Mode?

So I was talking to fellow blogger, Sarah, about health and wellness type things (she's super knowledgeable about these type of things, love her! haha).  So I was explaining my frustration to her about how I haven't lost any weight this week...

Long story short: I weighed 256.6 last Saturday morning, this past week I've been weighing in at around 259. I ate well during Easter, so what gives?

Needless to say, I've been working realllll hard at the gym and have seen no results.  Now I didn't get this size for no good reason.  I desire things quickly, I like the quick-fix for things.  With weightloss, the story is no different.  When I see I'm not losing, I freak out.  So she was talking to me about tips and tricks and reminded me that I really need to be measuring myself on three different levels: 1) Actual weight, 2) Body Fat%, and 3) measurements of the thighs, hips, waist and chest.   She then talked to me about resistance training.  I've been doing nothing but pure cardio, which is not good. I need to tone with weights or some form of resistance exercise.  Anywho, she's a wealth of knowledge and I'm glad to have her as a friend and resource!

Back to my panic mode story, so despite all the positive advice she gave me... I was still feeling crappy.  First off, I almost completely dismissed the gym today because I thought 'what's the use?'.  But I talked myself out of it and ended up on doing around 40 mins of cardio... :-/

Afterwards, I spoke with Jenna the training specialist at the gym and she gave me some pointers.  I will meet with her on Saturday morning to create a personalized workout plan and to review my eating choices, since I log them on  She's certified in a ton of things, so I trust her judgement.  She told me to hide my scale and that we'd weigh in this Saturday, so that will be my official weigh in date.  She'll weigh me 2 weeks after as well.  She also suggested that I eat some more calories or to eat a good amount of 'healthy' calories and then hit the gym tomorrow hard to trick my body.  So what did I do?  I went straighttttt to Chipotle and have consumed 2274 calories today.  I think I was waiting for her to say that and BAM I was at Chipotle quicker than you could say 'quick'.  heh.

So I feel shitty for having eaten so much, but I know that this ends tonight and that tomorrow I'm hitting it hard again.  My scale is going to be hidden under my bed and I will meet with Jenna on Saturday.

Okay, had to let that out... because I feel so guilty.  Okay, I'm done.


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