Monday, May 9, 2011


So this weekend wasn't terrible, per se.  I took a 2 day break on Friday and Saturday from exercise because I was sooo sore from the new workout. 

On Sunday I took my very first yoga class ever at the Core Connection. The class was given by master Yogi, Caitlin.  She kicked my butt in her "Heated Vinyasa Flow Yoga" class.  People think yoga is easy and very peaceful looking, but this class was anything BUT that!  I honestly can't remember the last time I sweat thatttt much!

I'll tell you what, I was sore about 5 hours after that class and I'm STILL sore.  My clothes fit me sooo well on Sunday. hahaha Talk about total detox-city!

As much as it hurt and I sucked at the class, I want to go back. The feeling afterwards was amazingggg and I love the way my clothes fit me! Sooo good.

So today after work I went to Zumba, did 15 on tread and 20 on elliptical.  Tomorrow I will do the new workout routine.  And guess what?!?  Sooo I never ever everrrr eat salads.  Wellll well, tonight was the exception.  I made myself a lil' salad... it was tasty. I can't explain to you how proud I am of myself and NO desert. :)

I've come to the conclusion (on my own) that I'm eating too many carbs, esp. during the night time. We'll see how this Saturday's weigh-in goes. :-/ I'm nervous only because I don't want to get discouraged. At least I can now feel a difference in my clothes. 

Aiight, night!

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Sara D. said...

Yay for trying yoga! It's made a huge difference for me physically and mentally, so much so that I'm applying to a teacher training program starting the fall. Keep at it girl, sounds like you're doing great!