Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why I want to lose weight

My reasons for losing weight are simple-ish (okay, not really):

I mean, obviously I want the health benefits that come with losing weight... but moreover, I want the confidence aspect.

As of recent, I've been traveling this summer: Philly, Boston, the Cape, Vegas, Nantucket and Barbados in a little less than a month.  One constant in all of these trips is all the self-consciousness and 'blah' feeling.

-From the fear that I'll need a seat belt extender on the flight to always choosing a seat in the back of the plane so I don't have to bump up against people as I walk down the aisle to use the restroom.
-From the inability to wear 'cute' traveling shoes because my feet are killing me after 1 hour of walking around a city to the getting too tired to walk around all day and needing to rest every hour or so at a coffee shop or restaurant.
-From feeling like 'Ahhh it's okay to indulge, it's not like I'm in this city all the time' to the, as I call it, Eater's Remorse after I eat a 1500 cal meal

It's been a rollercoaster, to say the least and that's why I want NEED to lose weight.

Moreover, I have noticed that the biggest if not main MAIN rootcause to overeating and unhappiness is a confidence issue.  I'm not saying that after I lose all my weight that I'm going to have 100% confidence-yeaaaa!... I am saying that I feel my biggest downfall and hurdle is my weight.  I am a confident person, but when it comes to my weight and the way I feel about myself in the morning... Oyyy.

To be quite honest, these past few days I've been hitting it hard at the gym, I walk with a little skip in my step.  Why? Because I know I'm in the RIGHT direction and that I'm taking the necessary steps to look 'Ohhhh GOOD gracious, @$$ is bodacious!'... ya hear?

Anywho, going back to the whole vacay situation... I'm going to Barbados and let's be honest, you know my fat ass aint getting into no swimsuit.  I have NEVER worn a bikini and doubt I ever will... at least not w/o some serious reconstructive surgery (ie: tummy tuck, etc.).  But one day, I'd love to wear a bathing suit and feel somewhat 'okay' with it.

Andddd lastly, I yearn to fully love myself.  I know I love myself, but definitely not all of Augustina is loved by Augustina.  Now THAT needs ta change.

Why do YOU want to lose weight/maintain your weight?

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