Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No swimming & my poor lunch making habz

So I had a recruiting event today @ WPI for my company and it didn't let out until around 7:15p. I was sooo tempted to not hit up the gym, but ended up going anyways.  I forgot my flip flops, so I just did some cardio... heh.  I refused to get Athlete's Foot, ya feel me?

Anywho, I hope to try my first Aqua Zumba class tomorrow! Should be exciting... it's brand new at the Y as well. :)
In terms of my lunch making habits... I continue to munch here and there while I pack my food. I must stoppp! I was ravishing after my workout... and now I feel guilty. Ack!  Does this happen to anyone??

Anywho, I'm exhausted. Lates

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