Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I heart this woman!

I read this article yesterday night and was completely amazed!

This girl is amazing.  I've admired plus size model Ashley Graham for sometime now.  I read this article and fell in love.  The love this girl has for herself is inspiring.  She realizes her worth, something many of us lack.

I read this and got a whole new inspiration to losing weight and I'll tell you why.  When I think about how much weight I need to lose, I often find myself so very overwhelmed.  It almost seems impossible at times..  But hearing this woman's confidence in her size 16 (2 sizes away for me), is so very refreshing.  Does that mean my ultimate goal is a 16? Heck no, but this girl looks damn good at that size and I know that as I drop sizes, I too will begin looking better and better.  I need to stop thinking, I must have Kim K's waist... it won't happen, I'm not built that way.  Rather I need to say, I want a thick & healthy Augustina size... volumptuous, rather.  hahaa.

I think my favorite part of this piece:

The Other Love in Her Life: As we ride the elevator up to Ford, I notice her necklace charm on delicate gold chain. She spins it, and shows me that it says, "I love you."  How sweet. Was it from Justin? Another guy? Mom? "No," she says. "It was a present to myself four years ago. I'd just gotten over a boy and thought, I'm not going to let a man take me down. I wear it every day." She looks at me and spills into another of her rolling laughs, knowing how risque this is about to sound. "I love," she says, not caring, "me." 

I think the one of the greatest challenges in life is love oneself fully and completely.  I know it will always be a struggle for me... but dang, to have that kind of confidence... is simply beautiful.

You go girl!

P.S. The image in this post is now the background on my macbook.  Inspiration, kids... inspiration!


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