Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aqua Zumbzzz = success.

I really enjoyed the class today at the Y.  It was essentially water aerobics, with zumba-y moves and Latin music.  I was a fan, personally.  It was great since I've been taking it easier on my left knee, from my injury in Philly several weekends ago.  And while I appreciate that we need to kill all bacteria in the swimming pool is it necessary to have THAT much chlorine that after 2 showers I still smell like the pool? I think not. Man, the chlorine was intense..

Tomorrow I will attempt my first zumba class in about a month or so.  It's long overdue and I miss itttt!

On another note, does anyone have any good acne tips or tricks?  I swear the medicine my dermatologist has me on is NOT working.  And people say, "Augustina, I can't see any acne..".  Well that's because I try to hide the heck out of it w/ makeup, but it's very red, bumpy and nasty. It doesn't seem to be going away and I'm afraid of the craters I will have as a result of this mess...

Any suggestions??

I'm taking Doxycyclin and Differin 0.1... it's not working. :((

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