Monday, October 3, 2011

September SELF issue was SOLID

I'll admit I did my share of eating out this past weekend...:-/ and could've made healthier choices.  My friend's bachelorette party was in Boston and with that came drinking and other bad choices. heh.

I read some 'therapeutic' articles on September's issue of Self.  And of course, one of my ultimate favzzzz, Jennifer Hudson happened to be on the cover talking about her weight loss experience.  She too was happy at her size, a 16.  She mentioned that people treat her so differently now that's she's lost weight, "You never know you're never being discriminated against until you see what you've been deprived of."  - That right there speaks VOLUMES about our society.  And let's just tack that onto one of the other reason's Why I want to lose weight.  At either size she looks amazing, but now she says she 'feels' it and that' what really counts! So proud of another bigger girl who has the kind of confidence she had pre-weightloss.  Damnn..

And the other article I read wasn't weight loss related, but definitely Augustina-related.  It's titled: "It's not all about you!", you can read it here.  I find myself in those types of sitations where I'm so concerned about what other's think or why the girl that passed me down the hallway completely ignored me or why my manager seems to be so RUDE to 'just me' as of recent.  It helps put certain things into perspective in terms of controlling our emotions in situations we often are taking unnecessarily personal.   I personally, am trying to build a thicker skin in hopes that I can stop worrying about everyone's little actions and turning them into bigger issues than they are.  I can honestly get sooo bogged down and obsessed over something so small, that it prevent me from being my best Self.  I'll definitely be taking this article out of the mag and referencing it for those days that I can't help take things too personal. haha

...still undecided about my weightloss tracker... still open for opinions/discussion/etc. :)

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