Friday, October 7, 2011

Introducing: Song of the Week

I am all about musica.  I have been for the longest time.  I play trumpet & piano, fun fact and have been doing so for many years now.  Many people don't know, but I have been out of practice from the trumpet for about a year or so because I live in an apt bldg and I'm sure my neighbors wouldn't appreciate my playing. heh.  Ohh! And I also sing, every now and then ;)  If you're ever up to go karaoking, I'm down. Lemme know! lol

All this being said, I have to have my jammity jamz going while I'm working it out... it's a MUST.  I have I plethoraaaa of music and yet I still always find myself 'running out of music' or overplaying the same workout songs over and over.  So I've decided to start actively searching & sharing my new musical finds with y'all by posting a new workout each week.  Perhaps you might share a good song you've been listening to lately?

This week's song:

"You've Changed" - Sia

It reminds of a runway music and I <3 it.


Mmmm love this on the elliptical.. :-D

Share your fav workout song in a comment!

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