Thursday, October 6, 2011

Makeup & Ramen Noodz

So I didn't got to the gym today and instead went over to my friend's place to do makeup and a photoshoot of 3 of my co-workers for an upcoming endeavor. Stay tuned! And yes,  I know I should've gone, but this was a necessary step in moving forward towards my career goals. (I know , no 'buts' allowed... heh.)  I will kill it tomorrow during Zumba, no worries!

So on my way back home from the shoot, I was very tempted to 'pick something up' for dinner and fought for the longestttt time! I'm a self-proclaimed fast food junkie, I'll say it time and time again. :-/  After thattt fight, I found myself back at my apt watching Anderson Cooper 360 and the late breaking news about Steve Jobs' death.  I thought I'd share my very favorite Steve Job speech of all time.  It's absolutely wonderful!  Find it here.

Sooo... my hunger was getting the best of me and all I really had to eat was Ramen Noodles.  So that's what I made.  I haven't had Ramen since I was on the mushy solids diet after my gallbladder surgery.  So I used less of the flavoring mix so the soup wasn't sooo high in sodium and then added my crushed red peppers to spice it up, as alwayssss! :-D  Now that meal was 380 calories, high in carbs, and low in nutrients, but it was the better of the choices I was going to make (ie: eating out).  That being said, I'm trying to focus on my 'win' for the night.

To end this night, I just want to pause for a moment and remember Mr. Steve Jobs as I type this on my MacBook.  He was truly ingenious in his ability as an innovator and a business man.  RIP Mr. Jobs.

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