Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whuddup with that rank stench at the gym?!

Hahahaa so the past few days at the gym have been... interesante.  Yesterday I began working out on the elliptical machine and I started noticing an awful smell.  I began thinking it was the guy to my right, but soon he got off the machine and I kept smelling it.  Then I thought it was me... nope.  It was the guy huffing and puffing next to me.  It was his breath.  Honestly, I was in 'the zone', but the smell got me RIGHT OUT.  I had to switch machines and because there were not other ellipticals around, I decided to try anther machine.

This machine was a hybrid of an elliptical and a stairmaster.  All I have to say is that I still don't know how to properly use that machine, nor does anyone else I asked.  The up and down motions got me motion sick.  I have a very sensitive inner-ear equilibrium and my ear was having NONE of it!  I ended up leaving the gym after only 35 mins or so of working out. :-/

So fast forward to my zumba class today.  Now this class gets us sweating and I love thattt.  The room of around 20-25 women were all working up a sweat and whatnot.  And then all of a sudden out a nowhere this nasty smell arises.  Someone clearly farted.  I mean, I get it, we're jumping, squatting, lunging, twirling, salsa-ing, etc-ing.  But then the stench came again and again.  I'm pretty sure it was the girl next to me.  And as sad as this may sound, I was comforted to know that my nose was not the only one being ambushed.  A few other women gave a funny/polite but disgusted look.  At least I knew it wasn't just me! hahaa

I just had to blog about this, because of all things I'd have to get harassed by dirty smells 2 days in a row. 

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