Friday, August 5, 2011

TGIF & Peach Pops

So Friday couldn't have come any sooner... man this week has been b-a-n-a-n-a-s, as Gwen would say!  So yeaaaa for the weekend! I do get a tad 'worried' about my will power during the weekends, because this has historically been my toughest time to stay on track.  I figured I'd keep myself busy with a mental schedule of things 'to do' this weekend to keep the focus away from food.  hahaa I really do feel like I'm taking the 12-step program for my addiction.  I guess it's not really funny, since it's reality.

So I finally had Chipotle for the first time in like 2-3 months... crazy, eh? And the Chipotz on Route 9 is the first in Mass to have brown rice as an option, so naturally I tried it.  It was good, a little different, but still good.  And the guy skimped on my guac, which upset me, but I thought heyyy.. maybe it's a sign I don't need the extra good fat... heh.  I try to justify things in my head all day... I should've been like, 'Heyyy!... c'mon let's not be stingy here' to the guy, but I go there too often to pull a quick one like that. :-/ heh.

Anywho, afterwards I went to Trader Joe's across the way and bought a few excellent items:
1) bean dip, 2g of carbs per serving... yes plz
2) veggie bird nest... lightly battered carrots, kale and something else. It was the food sample item and I actually bought it. The product sold itself.
3) soy-rizo... chorizo-flavored soy.  I plan on making that with some eggs next week. Gotta stick low carb
4) Peach Pops... Now let me tell you, my love for peaches is deep.  I love peach beer - Dogfish Head's Festina Peche, Green Mountain Coffee's Peach flavored coffee, Peach Tea... only thing I don't like is the peach flavored dum dum lollipops. lol Regardlessss, I bought this and tried one for dessert at only 45 cals.  One word: Delightful.  It's like peach puree & chunks of peach in a frozen pop form.  It's muy bien! I give it my blessing, no doubt.

Alright, last bit.  Tomorrow should be a good workout, we shall see.  It'll be my last 3-day pass at the Y.  I'm hoping it 'sells' me.

Gotta head to bed, must get that workout in early. :)

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