Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day #1 of the Challenge w/ Erin

So my good ol' friend Erin decided she'd help us both jump start our journey... and she knows how Augustina works.  She threw a challenge into the mix, a little friendly competition between the two of us.

It's real simple.  Today we both weighed in on our own and shared our current weight with each other.  The challenge will end on Wednesday, August 30th, so exactly 4 weeks from now.  The winner will buy the other person lunch and have bragging rights... until the next competition. 

Now this has got me thinking of all sortsssss of ideas for our next challenge, cuz there's nothing like thinking ahead, right?  My first spurt of weightloss was the result of a competition with my family members.  Me my cousins Valerie, Christina, Frantina and Melissa all joined in a Biggest Loser type sitch.  We weighed in on Jan 4th, 2010 and promised to weigh in every other week.  Along with weighing in every other week, we'd add $10 each to a pile.  The winner at the end of 3 months won.  Problem was, my family never held onto their end of the bargain, I won the competition and no one paid up.  heh... either way, I ultimately ended up winning.  BUT, I'd totally be down for something like THAT if any of you reading are interested.  Nothing motivates like money, can I get an AMEN?... plz, no need. I know this biz.

Soooo... good luck to you Erin.  Get ready to weap! hahahahhaa... jk... kinda.



Erin said...

Hahaha, it's clear to me you don't realize how competitive I am. Winning is the ONLY option for me. Bring it. You're going to be the only one weeping in 4 weeks :-p

Sara D. said...

Sounds like a great idea. Good luck to you both and keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Mills. I challenge you to a duel! After your comp with Erin I am all about doing one with you. I need that kind of motivation too! Money's good with me!
Kate B

Augustina Mills said...

1) I doubt it, E-dawg
2) Will def keep you posted, mija! And yes, we're both competitive so it fit so wellll! hahaa
3) Kate, you got a deal, mi fren! I'm allll about it. Lemme know when you wanna start! Tina Mills never said no to 2 simultaneous challenges!