Friday, August 5, 2011

Playin some hoopz...

So today was the 2nd day of my 3-day pass at the Y.  I hurried to the gym to go to Zumba class all excited and the class turned out to be a huge flop.  The 'instructor' who looked like she was 18 was trying to teach us 'bollywood zumba'.  Ummm... idk about you, but the zumba I know is mostly Latin music and it's upbeat and my fat ass is sweating!... this class was everything BUT that.  Very upset.

Soooo.. I skipped the class early and workout out on my own.

On my way out of the gym I saw the empty basketball court inside.  I looked around to see if anyone was looking and I went inside the glassed-in ball court.  No on was there... just me, jamming to my ipod and a few basketballs lying around.  So what did I do? I started shooting the ball from the left court, then right then free-throw style... dribbling the ball back at forth from each end of the court.  It was like P.E. days, but no one to laugh at my awful moves and no one saying 'hurrrry up, you're holding up the line'. It was actually quite nice.  I got in a lil round II of a workout hahaa... and it was excellent.

I was very pleased with myself.  And... yeah, that's that.  I still have a grin on my face lol.

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