Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This crazy new Zumba instructor...

Ah helllllll nah.  I leave the gym for 2 months and in comes this peppy little Zumba instructor.  She about gave me a heart attack and I'm on Ibuprofen, no joke.  She decided to turn the class into a Zumba tone session.
I had 3lb weights, which is nothing, right? WRONG. Tomorrow I'll be sore, but that's aiight, it's expected when you go on a hiatus the way I did.  Anywho, zumba toning is doing zumba, but with 2-3lb weights, so you 'tone' while you're working out.  Excellent concept and I get my calorie burn for my bang, so it was good.

I went walking for 20 mins on the treadmills afterwards, so all in all a good workout sesh, I'd say

For dinner I had steak fajitas with these EXCELLENT low carb tortillas, I tots recommend them.
The Brand is Buena Vista and they're whole wheat tortillas for low-carb diets.  They are raw, so you can nook them in the micro or heat them up in a pan.  (I tried to find a google image, but couldn't)  You can buy them at Stop & Shop.
My review: LEGIT.

On a side note, skyped one of my besties tonight.  It was great talking with her, she's the best and she's coming to visit me in the Woot Woo.  It took us forevz and a day to find a decent priced hotel in Boston on 8/13, but we did.  Thank you www.hotwire.com.  You have saved me, once again.  Best part of this all, she's on her own weight loss journey and promised me that we'd be 'good' together.  We'll hold each other accountable.  Now that's a WIN-WIN!


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