Monday, August 1, 2011

It's do or die.

I know I'm up late writing this, but I had to get this post in before I finally went to bed.

Tomorrow is a Monday and the first day of August.  It will also be 6 weeks post-op from my gallbladder surgery, which means I can resume regular workouts.  Sarah, when are we zumba-ing?

Anywho, my 'nest' aka apt is officially empty and now it's just me.  My mom was here the entire summer and my dad was here for the past two weeks.  Now they're gone... and I miss them terribly, I really do. :(  And while these next few weeks leading to the big Vegas shabang on Labor Day weekend are going to be super packed, I need to get serious at some point.  I can't keep holding this weightloss effort on until 'the perfect time'.  Life happens and that's it, there is no ideal time to start, right? Gotsta start to-dayyy!

And I keep seeing so many weight loss successes and wondering why I'm not there myself.  I have no kids, no bf, nada to stand in my way.  It is time - this ish is about to get surrrrious.

Getting a 3-day pass at the YWCA down the street tomorrow.  We'll see if I like it... I'm hoping I do!

Oh and a big 'thank you' to those who have still been trying to keep me in check, please don't stop.  The truth hurts, but I appreciate it, I do.

Cheers to making IT happen!

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Sarah said...

You just tell me the day, I'll be there. :)