Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Car accident/Philly/Hurt knee cap/Oyy vey

I'll make this as brief as possible, cuz I need to head to beddy bye rather soon.

I got into an accident aka fender bender last Thursday after work.  I hate that pretty much ALL read-end accidents are the fault of the driver, no matter what.  Sooo fail b/c 1 second of reactionary time isn't all that just or practical either, esp when a driver decides to slam on the breaks for no reason.  Anywho, I'm still in the process of figuring that out.  I'm undecided as to whether or not I'll pay out of pocket or if I'll take the check from the insurance company.  Based upon the appraisal of the BMW company, if the price is reasonable-ish, I'll pay out of pocket.  Ohhh another thing, if your insurance company has to pay more than $2000 for an entire claim (your car, other car and all other expenses combined), the accident is then considered major.  It doesn't matter if it's a 5-car pile up or a few scracthes on a Jag, just so long as it's over $2000.  Isn't that outrageouss?!? I mean c'mon, what's the point of insurance then? I have full coverage on my paid off 98 honda for a reason!

I instinctively wanted to eat my sorrows away, but instead went shopping.  Not that that's much better, but I didn't eat my sadness. heh.

I went to Philly this past weekend and did my best in terms of eating choices.  Yes, I had 2 small philly cheesesteaks while there, but they were small and I walked a ton.  Can't fulllly deprive myself, right?

In the process of my Philly fun, I went out to a bar with my friend and some girl accidentally tripped me while I was walking downstairs and I hurt the heck out of my left knee cap.  Needless to  say, exercising this week has been non-existent and I'm still in a great amount of pain.  I really need to sign-up for the YWCA officially, because I'm thinking that swimming would be great for this kind of issue.

Sooo that's my dramaful week... this week has been crazy as work with training and whatnot, but still no excuse for a lack of posts.

How has your week been, everyone?

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