Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My new kitchen gadget & How I love Zumbz

So I saw this commerical for Oster's new MyBlend.  So I saw some reviews and ended up buying my $12 Hamilton Beach Personal Blender! I'm the most low-maintenance person when it comes to making food and preparing.  I always try to find the quicker and easier way out, which bites me in the butt many times.  In short, I've been trying this whole Greek yogurt bidness and am trying to incorporate more healthy drinks, smoothies into my diet.  That being said, this contraption allows you to throw all the stuff you want in the blender, after blending you take the cup out of the base of the machine and go.  There's no real messy clean-up, it's legit blend and go.  LOVE itttt!

So now, my next goal: Find tasty and healthy smoothie recipes/experiment.  Any suggestions?

Oh and in terms of my love of Zumbz... I'm just really hooked.  Sarah and I met up at Core Connection to take Elena's Zumba class and it was stellar.  I haven't sweat that much in a good while! She kicked my behind, fo sho, but it felt sooo good afterwards.  I just <3 zumba, it's a legit dance party and I'm pretty sure I burn close to 1000 cals per sesh.  It's the best win win I've seen in awhile. :)

On that note, I need to scout out studies with good prices so I can zumba close to 5 days a week.  If I could zumba 5 days a week and then work out an additional 40 mins on top of that... I'd be quasi-golden!

Any... I'm exhausted b/c I also got my behind beat in my Zumba Tone class.  Good ish!!



Erin said...

1) We make delicious smoothies a lot. I don't like recipes so I make everything trial and error, but we buy a bag of frozen berries (at target you can get mixed berries WITHOUT strawberries...we find frozen strawberries don't blend well), yogurt, and 1% milk. Throw some of each in the blender, blend, go. Remember - when using frozen berries, no need for ice. I've also heard people swear by adding a little bit of spinach in (can't taste it, just adds nutritional benefits)...I've never tried this.

2) I'll do some Zumba research with you. I'm pretty sure I'd LOVE it and I'd be happy to take a whole bunch of classes!!

LenaBean said...

On the same note as Erin, strawberries are tricky because of all the seeds. I freeze bananas and put them in a smoothie with some low fat milk, protein and a tablespoon of chocolate syrup and/or peanut butter depending on the day. In fast The Peanut Butter Company sells Dark Chocolate PB - you can usually find it at Wal-Mart without a problem. The frozen bananas keep longer and make the smoothie thicker. :-)

Sara D. said...

I have a smoothie for breakfast every day. I always put in about a cup of almond milk, a couple hand fulls of spinach (as Erin said, you can't really taste it), half or a whole banana, about half a cup of frozen peaches, mango or berries, a couple tablespoons of hemp or brown rice protein powder (which can definitely be omitted), and sometimes a couple tablespoons of unsweetened cacao powder. It's super tasty and nutritious.

Yetti said...

So I agree with everything said but I sometimes don't put yogurt or milk in my smoothie, I use water. If you wanna break yourself in try frozen bananas, peanut butter, vanilla yogurt (or in my case soy butter because I'm allergic to nuts) and chocolate protein powder. Honestly to die for! but remember penut butter has a lot of calories in it :-\

Augustina Mills said...
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