Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's been a fairly good weekend...

I haven't done much cheating and I've been exercising which will hopefully transition into a great week.  I'm packing my gym bag tonight to make sureee I go to the gym after work tomorrow.  I need to look FABulous at my friend's wedding in May.  I must have a look ahead goal, right?  I mean yes, I'm doing it for the health reasons, obvz, but is it bad that I just want to look buh-buh-bodaciousss? I need to sock it to a few peepz. haha :-/

Say what you may about her, but I use Kim K and Ashley Graham as my inspiration for weight loss.  I want to be curvy, that's all... not even skinny or thin. Nope, just curvy & fab.

Ashley Graham, plus size model
Anywho, amidst my pitty party of having no love life and whatnot, I have discovered a new addiction... shopping.  lol so while I try to stay good eating-wise, I begin to divulge in shopping! ahhh!  I mean, I hadn't bought myself some of these things in awhile and it felt good, but this mustn't continue.  So I bought some new Paul Mitchell Product to leave in my hair so it stays wavy.  I've been straightening it a lot lately and I don't want to get super damaged, so I'm trying to go more natural. heh.  And thennn I bought a sterling silver nose stud with a diamond in the middle. haha... they didn't have anything else! Then bought 2 work shirts and some workout pants, check it, workout pantsss. ;)
Now I stopped spending there because I made a little trip to DSW and almost bought some nude pumps, but will not do that until I am under 250.  Once that milestone hits, I will wait a week to make sure I've maintained and then I will hit up the stores. :)

Anyone else have a shopping addiction? I feel like this is a rhetorical question for some of my readers, but still... I need to know I'm not the only one who turns from food to shopping! oyyy vey...

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Yetti said...

Tiinnaaaaaa !!!! I think you're doing a great job, and we all have those milestones! Mine is to not look like the fat friend when me and 7 other girls head out to Miami for Memorial Weekend. So we're still committed to the healthy lifestyle, but have a craving for a "BODACIOUSSS" appearance. :o) good luck baby doll, I'll be keeping up with ya !