Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm backkkk!!

A wise friend... named Erin was kind enough to email me and call me out on my slacking.  She told me that blogging regularly would keep me honest.  And guess what, she's absolutely right.  I mean duh.  Hello, I haven't blogged because I'm guilty as charged.  Either way, tomorrow is Monday and a new start for sure.  I even worked out at the gym downstairs tonight.

Either way, I went on a hiatus previously, but that was because I had no internet for like 5 dayssss!

None of that intentional stuff anymore.  If you're out there reading this and there's more than a 3 day span between posts, I'd like you to kindly email me and "remind" me to update my blog.  It could be I'm either reallllly busy (unlikely) or that I'm slacking and don't feel like publicly airing my dirty laundry online.  It'll probably be the latter. :-/

I will post an update tomorrow.

Thanks for following, friends.  Much <3 to E-dawg for keeping me fresh & legit. :-D


erinofdoom said...

Hahaha, you're welcome for calling you a slacker :-) Can't wait for your update tomorrow

amdftw said...

I missed you!