Friday, February 25, 2011

Chipotz gets me everytime!!

Everytimeeeee, I tell you.  I guess on the brightside... it's all natural food and i only ate half of my bowl, saving the rest for tomorrow.  A full bowl is around 700 cals, so I didn't make out bad.

Howeverrrr, I am enjoying one of my favorite beverages of all time, Dog Fish Head beer's Festina Peche.  I bought some before Summer 2010 ended and have hoarded them in my kitchen. haha... it reminds me of summer on this gloomy day.  The weather was snow, then rain, then snow.  As I've said before, New England weather is Bi-Polar/suffers from PMS.  :-/ 

Soooo... I've been thinking I want to go on vacation, but have no one to really go with.  Everyone seems to be broke or generally uninterested.  I'm trying to brainstorm ideas for a getaway, but am falling short. heh.  Also, need to lose a lil' bit more thissss, before I think about thatttt (going to a beach of any type). Do ya feel me?

Another issue... many of my friends want to go out for drinks and such, but I know how bad alcohol sabotages weightloss... any trick for this or should I avoid alcohol altogether?  It's like I want to have fun while being young, but drinking really sets you back... hmmmmm.

I'm putting all my problems on the table now. haha... oh boy.  I hope y'all don't lose interest.  It's just me thinking aloud...

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