Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I said I would be honest on this blog...

soooo here it goes...
I said I'd post my shenaniganz of this past week and now here I am to come clean.
CAUTION: I felt like this after this weekend ended! Read on...
I have been struggling to stay faithful with Nutrisystem, point blank.  It's actually very hard to confess this online.  I'd love to be able to continue to write about my successes, but the fact of the matter is I'm not perfect and I will fall.  It's getting back up that counts, right? :-/

What I'm doing by confessing is one of the key reasons I even started this blog, so at least I'm holding up on that end of the deal with myself. Perhaps I did it so that every time I felt like "being bad" and eating out or going off track, I'd think twice:
1) Because the guilt after the fact is hard enough as it is
2) I knew I'd blog about it - meaning all my dirty laundry would hang out to dry, publicly.

A little sadistic? I'd say so.

So getting to the juicy parts... I guess you would say... I fell off on Thursday.  Now I'll tell you why this is a bad life choice.  Thursday is an odd day of the week, Friday is near and no one wants to be faithful on a Friday night... nor the weekend (Sat & Sun) for that matter.  Needlesssss to say, it turned into a 4-day weekend fiasco of bad-ish choices.

Darn you McDz!!!

I ate out 3 times... THREE!  Chipotle, Subway... and oh God, I can't believe I'm admitting this... McD'z.  I had this ungodlyyyy craving for a McDouble... and the craving won. :(

There now that it's out in the open... I feel a little bit better... scratch that, no I don't.  Now I'm embarassed, but this blog is continuing to keep me honest.  I'm prayinggggggg I have the strength and will-power to abstain from eating out for the rest of the week.

It's the Superbowl weekend... I must snack healthily and go to my friend's party with that mindset beforehand.  Ayeeee yai yai...

More updates to follow.


erinofdoom said...

I'm going to find a healthy snack to make for Sunday!! We can make sure we only eat that. I'm sure it'll take all the self-control I have.

Serena said...

hey we all have our tough days (im sure you read my cheese fries from outback story lol) but remember with NS to incorporate foods you enjoy too. if you cant have food you enjoy you'll be more likely to fall off track or binge. i'm proud of you though -having to write those fall backs and hold yourself responsible will make it into a learning experience :) dont be too hard on yourself!!