Monday, January 10, 2011

Weight loss journey part II begins... and this time, there's no turning back.

Last January 4th of 2010 I set out to lose weight. I was doing well until mid year in June, when I moved back to the east coast for a job position. I 'broke' my routine and struggled for the rest of 2010 to continue the weight loss.

I started at 315.5 and I weighed myself this morning at 267. Yes, I still have a deficit, but I gained some of the weight back. At my lowest I was 254.5, I believe. From October to December, I managed to gain back quite an astonishing amount. The scary part is actually seeing how quickly I put the weight back on..

That being said, now more than ever I must stay focused. I feel the biggest piece that's missing in my life is my confidence and self-worth. My biggest hurdle seems to be my weight. I now realize that I am the only entity that is getting in my way of success. I am the determining factor, it is up to me. I want to be happy & healthy.

A friend of mine mentioned that his co-workers had great success on Nutrisystem. I had seen all the commercials with Marie Osmond and such... and with enough "arm-pulling", but really none at all, I decided on 1/5/11 to order Nutrisystem. The last installments of the food came in last night, so I am starting today.

I just hope and pray that I remain consistent with this. It takes 21ish days to build a habit...

Here we go!

Cheers to healthier & happier Augustina!

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